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Best 5 Morning Exercises To Do Before Work To Jump Start Your Day

How to exercise with a busy schedule effectively? Start with choosing exercises that’ll help to achieve your goals, and you may ask what can i really do for five minutes before going to work that could help me lose weight, build muscles, etc. Here are 5 morning exercises to jump start your day

Exercise 1: The Bridge

To carry out the bridge Get a mat Lay down with your legs apart,Kneels pointing to the ceiling, shoulders backing down, then lift your head up and down continuously. One very good advantage of the bridge is that it stretches the hip flexes, and gives the body the right balance for a good posture.

Exercise 2: The Butterfly Seat-up

In this second exercise your core muscles are engaged as you seat up and move backwards. It is a good exercise in the morning because it engages your groin, stomach muscles, your shoulders. After this you would have already started feeling alive.

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Exercise 3: Cat-cow

This brings movements to your spine and works with your breath, it is a fabulous exercise to do in the morning before work to work out those kicks, this really helps your spine especially after a good night sleep, make sure you think positive while you perform these exercises because it matters how you start your day not just physically but mentally.

Exercise 4: Air Squat

This is really important, because what it does is get the blood flowing,gets the body metabolism moving and wakes you up for your day. With your stomach engaged, hands pushed forward you drop your bottom to a squat, come back up and stand. enables you to have amazing posture all day, it gets your heart pumping and you makes you have an amazing day.

Exercise 5: The Push Up Back Extension

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