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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than N100,000

There are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, regardless of your age, current occupation, or education. The main requirement is your confidence to succeed. Check out these ideas of businesses you can start with 100K or less.

When thinking of the best business for 100K or less capital, you should pay attention to personal interests and your environment. The primer aspect guarantees that you’ll like your occupation; the latter will take care about profit.

There are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, regardless of your age, current occupation, or education. The main requirement is your confidence to succeed. Check out these ideas of businesses you can start with 100K .

1. Services

If you don’t know what business to start with 100K, you just haven’t considered entrepreneurship seriously. Launching your own business requires a lot of devotion and patience. It may take some time before the profit becomes high. Nevertheless, it is the guarantee of your financial independence and wealthy future.

You can post ads and advertise any of the following services for free on

  • home barbers and hairdresser
  • makeup and manicure specialists
  • cleaning services
  • Internet services
  • digital marketing consultations
  • tutoring services
  • all kinds of consulting services

2. Perfume And Liquid Soap

Homemade cosmetics has become very popular recently. If you know how to make liquid soap or how to create good fragrances, you can make money by using your talent and creativity. Use natural ingredients and chemicals of high quality, and you won’t lack customers

3. Fairly Used Items

When thinking about businesses to start with less than 100,000 one of the first things that comes to mind is sales. Fufatrade is one of the biggest African website to sell used items. You can post ads about used items in a good keep and sell them. Clothes, electronic devices, home appliances, furniture, cars – everything can be sold.

4. Home Cooking & Delivery

Make money by selling tasty food on fufatrade. events are always coming up every now and then,if you are good with cooking and find pleasure in it then don’t waste your time seating in an office, create your account on fufatrade upload images of what you can make and start counting your money

5. Bead Making

Handmade jewelry and accessories are always in trend, because they are original, often unique and one of a kind. Selling beads, bracelets, rings, and earrings on fufatrade will solve two problems: fashionistas will get something interesting to style their outfits, and you’ll start earning.

6. Clothes Production

If you know how to sew and can turn a piece of fabric into the impressive dress, top, or Ankara, no need to worry about your future. People will always need clothes, so your skills will always be needed.

7. Farming

Fufatrade is a platform for sales. It does not matter what you produce – you can sale everything on fufatrade. Nowadays, farming is the most perspective business to start with 100K in Nigeria. It is time-consuming and will require much work, especially at the beginning, but the result is worth it.

You can consider one of the following options:

  • rice farming
  • tomato farming
  • watermelon farming
  • fish farming
  • snail farming
  • poultry farming
  • goat farming and much more

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Make good photos of your items/services with your smartphone,upload them and start receiving messages and calls from interested buyers and clients.

As a buyer search for the item/service you need, contact the seller via call or chat and negotiate the price,order the delivery to a safe environment,and leave your feedback about the seller. currently serves over Thousands of users in 3 different countries.

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