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How To Start Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Rabbit farming is one of the aspects of a successful agricultural business that you can be involved into. Over one million tons of rabbit meat is consumed every year. That`s a great source of income in Africa and especially in Nigeria. Moreover, rabbits can be used not only as meat, but a great source of fur, and you can even raise them to be home pets!

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How To Start Rabbit Farming

It`s a commercial rearing of rabbits, primary for sale purposes. You can breed them to sell their meat or fur. Rabbit Farming does not involve many expenses in the production of rabbits. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to rear rabbits:

  • Choose the rabbit breed you want to focus on. Rabbits for mass farming range from 2 to 5 kilos and have different requirements for breeding conditions and care; consult with a local rabbit farmer to find out which breeds are best for your area.
    • Choose a farming method. There are a lot of factors that can determine your method of rearing, like protection from the sun, cost, spaciousness, and access to light. There are two primary types of rabbit production popular in Nigeria. Cage Method It`s a highly effective method for commercial rabbit farming business. It`s the effective method to put rabbits in cages and provide them highly organized environment. Do not forget that space in the cages should be enough for rabbits to move around. This method is highly recommended if you have an intention to raise few rabbits. Do not forget to keep male and female specimens apart from each other. They should be together only for copulating purposes. This method of breeding bears a high risk of disease outbreak. Do not hesitate to illuminate ill rabbits if necessary. The infection diseases spread momentarily within rabbits.

How Lucrative Is Rabbit Farming?

If you look at any rabbit farming business plan online, you will see that it’s a highly profitable business. The biggest reason for that is the fact that rabbits can produce several litters of up to 8 kits (baby rabbits) a year while requiring very little initial investment and maintenance.

It is possible to start a small rabbit farm with just 3 female rabbits and 1 male one, although you will get a more sizable profit if you go for 3 male and 9 female rabbits.

If a female rabbit has 6 rabbits 4 times a year, then in a year 9 female rabbits will give you 216 rabbits. An adult rabbit can be sold for ₦10,000. If you decide to sell all the rabbits your farm produces, you can end up with ₦2,160,000 of revenue.

The yearly expenses for maintaining a rabbit farm can amount to ₦300,000, which means the rest is pure profit from your farm!

Marketing In Rabbit Farming

If you want to sell your rabbits effectively, you would need to create your own marketing. You can sell rabbits online through International clients pay the biggest sums for rabbits. You can also sell rabbits in the local market.

If you don`t want to stay all the day long to sell a rabbit, then you might ask somebody to sell the rabbits for you. Social Media can also be your platform for rabbit selling. Unfortunately, poor marketing is the main drawback for rabbit farming in Nigeria. Therefore, selling on would be a very big chance to reach your desired audience.

Problems Of Rabbit Production In Nigeria

While there are many rabbit rearing tips and success stories from Nigerian farmers, this industry faces a number of issues. The biggest challenges of rabbit farming in Nigeria include:

  • There are dozens of predators threatening the life and health of your rabbits, from snakes to ants. You should design the facilities for the rabbits well enough to protect them.
  • Rabbits are prone to various infections that can spread very quickly between your livestock. As soon as you notice an infected animal, don’t hesitate to isolate it from the rest of the rabbits.
  • Sometimes rabbits develop a bigger appetite, which may cause you to allocate a bigger budget for the feeding.
  • Rabbits reproduce often and in large quantities, which means you need to design effective marketing techniques to sell your supply of rabbits quickly and efficiently.

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