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Samsung Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S11 release date, price and all fufagist knows so far.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10e (left), Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus (right) (Image credit: Future) gathered that the Samsung Galaxy S20 launch is set for February 11, and we’re likely to learn about at least three new phones at the company’s Unpacked event on that date.

Those three devices are likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

We initially expected this to be the Samsung Galaxy S11 series of devices, but consistent leaks and rumors have suggested the devices will now be called the Galaxy S20 series. 

It’s also likely we’ll be seeing the introduction of a new foldable phone too with leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Samsung Galaxy Flip Z coming thick and fast.

Below we’ve put together everything convincing that we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy S20 series so far, with the most important leaks and rumors alongside all of the confirmed information.

  • What is it? The next Galaxy S smartphone series from Samsung
  • When is it out? Announced February 11, likely out soon after
  • What will it cost? Likely more than $899 / £799 / AU$1,349

Samsung Galaxy S20 release date and price

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 launch date is locked in for Tuesday, February 11 in San Francisco. That’s almost a whole year after Samsung unveiled its 2019 trio of flagship Galaxy phones.

When will the S20 actually be available to buy? If you pre-register your interest on the Samsung website for its next flagship phone you’ll be told the phone will be delivered on March 6. That seems likely to be the worldwide release date. Accompanying the launch of the Galaxy S11 series there also might be new premium wireless earbuds to rival the Apple AirPods Pro called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Given that the original Galaxy Buds were introduced alongside the Galaxy S10, it makes sense that the new ones would come out with the next Samsung flagship.


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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
Huawei P40
OnePlus 8
Sony Xperia 2

Samsung Galaxy S20 design

We’ve now seen plenty of leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, and while there are variations between lots of them, they all clearly show the same general idea.

November 2019 was when we first started seeing images of the Samsung Galaxy S11 appearing, and below you’ll find a selection of the best ones we have seen so far that we believe to be accurate.

Nearly all renders point to the rear cameras being housed in a large bump in the top left of the back of the phone. The exact layout of them is unclear though, with some renders showing them in an organized row and others pointing to a more messy splattering.

Hands-on images of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus meanwhile, as it’s called in the leak, make us think that the lenses and flash will be arranged in two rows in the camera bump, as that’s what the pictures show. The chin under the display looks worryingly thick though.

We’ve also seen renders of cases and images of a screen protector that back up these ideas, and renowned tipster Evan Blass has recently posted a picture showing the back of the Galaxy S20 Plus and the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

As you can see from the image above, the camera arrays are arranged in rectangular blocks rather than a strip – and it looks as though if you pre-order the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra you’ll also get a pair of Galaxy Buds Plus wireless earphones thrown in as well.

We’ve also heard that the Samsung Galaxy S11 could move the punch-hole camera to the top center of the screen, similar to the Galaxy Note 10 range, as we’ve since seen in leaked images. 

The source adds that the camera would be smaller than on the Note 10 range though. You can see how this might look in the images above and the one below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 display

A big upgrade for the Galaxy S20 series is likely to be a 120Hz refresh rate technology on the screens that should offer smoother interactions than the 60Hz found on the S10 range.

We’ve seen this technology leak multiple times, but perhaps the best evidence yet has been a hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus from XDA Developers that has video evidence of the phone’s higher refresh rate.

There’s no guarantee this will be included on all devices, but it’s looking very likely for the Galaxy S20 Plus at least.

It also looks like the 120Hz setting will only be available when the phone is on Full HD+ resolution. That’s the default setting on modern Samsung smartphones, but it’s thought you’d be able to increase the resolution to WQHD+ while getting a 60Hz refresh rate.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 camera

We have seen an incredibly detailed spec dump, where three sources simultaneously revealed information on the cameras, and it gives us a huge look at what to expect (if true). All the details are below in an easy to read chart:

CameraSamsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20 PlusSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Front-facing camera10MP10MP40MP

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 range to have some impressive camera equipment, but the S20 and S20 Plus are sure to differ quite a bit from the S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20 battery life

So far, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S20 range will have impressive battery capacity. One big spec leak has provided a lot of detail that includes the cell sizes for the new phones.

It suggests the Samsung Galaxy S20 will have a 4,000mAh cell, the Galaxy S20 Plus will sport a 4,500mAh cell and the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh one.

Just because the battery is bigger in the Ultra doesn’t necessarily mean it will last longer as that cell will have to power more specs in the device, including a larger screen.

These battery sizes are looking quite likely, and it’s expected the same 45W fast-charging tech and 15W wireless charging from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus will also be on all three devices.

An industry insider has suggested the reason the upcoming phones can use such big batteries is due to shrinking a part of the internals, a technique which the iPhone 12 could use too.

Samsung Galaxy S20 specs and features

We’re pretty certain the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with the Snapdragon 865 chipset unveiled in late 2019, which has been benchmarked with scores that beat any other phone. 

Well, it will probably have this processor in the US, but most other regions will likely get an upgraded Exynos processor, probably the 9830.

We’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy S20 devices (as the leak suggests) will all come with a base 12GB of RAM, although that could go up to 16GB or possibly even beyond. Who would need this much RAM in a smartphone is beyond us, but it’s indicative of the premium nature of the devices.

A rumor also suggests the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the top-end device, will have 128GB / 256GB / 512GB storage options, with a slot for a microSD card that will add another 1TB of space. We don’t know the options for the other devices, though.

All three Samsung Galaxy S20 / S11 phones are expected to be IP68 waterproof and dust resistant, according to one leak.

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