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Things to keep in mind while working from home during the corona-virus outbreak

Since the government is issuing a ban on movements and closing work place down What exactly are you going to need to have in place, and what other things might you need to keep in mind to stay as effective as you can while working from home? Here are 6 things to get you started.

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1. Stock up your kitchen

No one knows how long the current coronavirus pandemic is going to last, this is why it is best to minimize the number of times you have to go out to get food items and toiletries. While you go out to buy please be considerate of others as you prepare to hunker down for the long haul. You can of course also order for your groceries online, meaning that you don’t even have to leave the four walls of your house.

2. Engage your kids

It is important that you find away to keep your children engaged if you have and not just letting them run around the house, apart from it not been safe you might not be able to concentrate with the noise.  have them watch their favorite cartoons, you should also consider stimulating their brains in other ways, especially since they won’t be getting any stimulation from school for a while. So throw some educational videos into the mix

3. Set up your work-area

 A spare bedroom with all your work tools readily available is the ideal set up you should go for, or you could dedicate a corner of your room if you don’t have that much extra space to work with. Just make sure your chair is comfortable enough if you’ll be spending long hours in it, and that the room itself is presentable, should you need to hop on a video call. And remember to keep the doors locked while you work to minimize distractions, especially during those video calls. 

4. Keep Regular preventive measure

Been isolated and staying at home does not mean you don’t stand the risk of having corona-virus. Ensure to still follow through with the world heath advice on safety, This includes washing your hands as often as you can, especially before meals and after you get back from the great outdoors. Also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer afterwards, if you have one available, and avoid using any unconventional sanitizer substitutes. Stop touching your face with your fingertips, since most viruses tend to get into a person’s system through their eyes, mouth or nose.

 this should extend to your entire house, with special emphasis placed on your workspace, since this is where you’ll be spending most of your time while working. You don’t want it to quickly turn into a pigsty for the mere fact that you are too lazy to do some routine cleaning. Be sure to also wipe those surfaces you touch most frequently with a suitable disinfectant, since all that accumulated dirt could be the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs and whatnot.

5. Don’t go out unless there’s an emergency

 Try to limit how far you have to go when you do have to go out in any case, and avoid staying out for long stretches of time. If you have to take an Uber, consider leaving the windows open a crack. This would ensure that you and your driver have a steady inflow of fresh air to breathe. And if you have to deliver a package for business people then use the services of platforms like Fufapickup to deliver your packages.

6. Be current on the latest updates

One of the most important things you can do right now is to stay up-to-date with the latest information about the coronavirus. There are several places you could visit for that information. You should of course start by finding out all you need to know about the virus. You should also ensure that you are subscribed to our newsletter if you’d like to be notified of posts like this one as soon as they go up. Lastly, be sure to check out the WHO’s website for any new developments you’ll need to know about during the current pandemic.

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