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6 Places You Should Never Swim

It can be very tempting to go sight seeing and swimming when you travel to places around the world. So many have never lived to tell the story of their adventure just by making the mistake of diving and swimming in places like this:

1. The Nile River

If you’re scared of crocodiles, you might want to consider avoiding the Nile. Approximately there are 100 crocodile attacks per year in the north African Nile. is one of those places that you should avoid if you want to swim.

2. Kipu Falls

Kipu fall often referred to as the ‘Pool of Death’ is located in Hawaii’s Kipu Falls along the Huleia Stream. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s also a place where many tourists have drowned. While it’s not 100 percent certain exactly why people have drowned there, several have claims of ancient gods and hidden whirlpools.

3. Lake Victoria

Don’t be deceived by the beautiful name it possesses, The number of death recorded per year in this like is over 5000, that is really high. Lake Victoria, also called Victoria Nyanza is the largest lake in Africa and mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but bordering on Kenya

It has its own isolated weather system. And because of this, the weather can change from bright and sunny to terrible and bleak in a matter of seconds. If you’re caught in the middle of a storm while swimming, You might be eating the next breakfast with your ancestors.

4. Gansbaai Beach

This is located off the coast of South Africa , This coastal stretch is also known as the Great White Shark Capital, The place has, however, been named shark alley for its great presence of sharks. This is unfortunate, as sharks can induce a great amount of death in those who they attack. You do not want to be one of these people.

5. Reunion Island

This island previously known as île Bourbon is a French overseas island located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, east of the island of Madagascar , and South-West of Mauritius.

 The place is now trending as the shark attack capital of the world. There have been a record number of around 39 attacks on the small island. You might want to review that thought of swimming there so you don’t make the numbers 40.

6. Lake Kivu

This lake lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. This is one of the most dangerous lakes on planet Earth.

The lake is considered an “exploding” lake, which means that, it can erupt at any time. This is due to the unstable ground afforded to it by a nearby volcano. Unfortunately, when this lake erupts it releases into the air bountiful carbon dioxide

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