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What You Should Do If You Suspect You Are Being Followed While Driving

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What You Should Do If You Suspect You Are Being Followed While Driving

It is very important to be security conscious, always take note of your surroundings especially when driving, if for some reason you notice strange movements from a particular car following you for up-to 20 minutes. Don’t freak out just yet, we are going to learn some tips on what to do if you suspect you are being followed by another vehicle while driving, and how to get home safely.

Drive In Circles


Its important to confirm you are actually being followed. Take three left or right turns and make sure you drive through the same road again (driving in circles), if the car is still behind you, then you have confirmed you are being followed. Similar rule can be applied if you are on the major/express road .Get off the major road into a street and turn through another street and get back on the same major road you came in from, if the car is still behind you, then its confirmed you are being followed. NOTE: Before taking a turn into a street, make sure it’s not a CLOSE, so you don’t get boxed in !

Look Out For The Plate Number Through Your Mirror

Look Out For The Plate Number Through Your Mirror

You may be panicking at this point, but taking note of the plate number and features of the vehicle following you is very important and might come in handy later.

Keep Enough Distance

Keep Enough Distance

Get ready to drive like the transporter or James bond, just in case the car increases speed and its turned into a hot pursuit.

Since we have established for a fact that you are being followed, its time to switch on survival mode. The first line of action is to maintain enough distance between your car and that which is following you.

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Drive To A Police Checkpoint Or Station

Drive To A Police Checkpoint Or Station

At this point Just drive to the closest police checkpoint or station and report the incidence and provide information (e.g. plate number and describe the vehicle).Or drive to the front of a military base, if there is one close by and report the incidence.

WARNING: Please don’t speed towards a police / military checkpoint or station. Your speed would be perceived as a potential threat and they might open fire(shoot at you).Please slow down when you are approaching the base or check point

If you drive to a checkpoint, most likely they would be arrested and questioned(since they just behind you) or they might drive away or change course out of fear.

Go Somewhere Else Far Away From Home

Depending on the way the police handles the issue, you might not need to do this.. If for some reasons they dismissed your claim. Another option is to drive to a very secure hotel and lodge there. One more option is to call 112 or 767 and make a report. from here you can also inform your family at home about your experience so they can be security conscious as well.

If You Are Sure You Are No Longer Being Followed Go Home

You have to be very sure you are not being followed, they might switch vehicles ! if the attack is not from your village people ? then you would have escaped these wicked people. \

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