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5 Benefits Of Taking Juice You Never Knew



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Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between real and fake diet practices, but juicing is one strategy that should be here to stay! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just become a better athlete; juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is certainly a practice that will make achieving your goals easier!

The main objective of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is to concentrate the vitamins and minerals from a variety of fruits and vegetables in to one easily consumable form. Keep reading down below to learn more about the health benefits that come with drinking more fresh fruit juice.

Fresh Fruit Juices Heal and Detoxify

Juicing a glass a day is going to give you a boost in your energy and help you detoxify your body before heading out to start your day

However, it can take much longer to get the benefits of that come with fruits and veggies by just eating them raw. You will get the benefits a lot faster when you make them into a juice.

Fresh Fruit Juices Often Helps Lose More Weight

Basically, you replace your diet for a week or so with a diet completely made up of juices.

This is going to seriously help you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, while still giving your body the right amount of minerals and nutrients that are necessary for it to work at optimum levels.

Fresh Fruit Juices Helps You Absorb More Vitamins

It only takes your body about 15 minutes to absorb the vitamins that comes with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Why would you waste the time by eating all of the ingredients of a fruit juice for your body to only take longer to absorb all of those vitamins.

Your body is going to be much happier when you just juice those fruits and vegetables, and drink a glass full of fresh fruits and multiple servings of vegetables.

Drinking Fresh Fruit Juices Helps to Reduce Your Cravings

The natural sugar that comes with fruits can help to take down those cravings that you might be feeling for a bar of chocolate or some sugary cereal. Plus, you’re not only going to be getting that natural sugar.

As we talked about, you’re going to be getting a ton of extra vitamins and minerals that you wouldn’t get from those processed sugary snacks you might eat otherwise.

Fresh Fruit Juices Contain Trace Minerals & Enzymes

If you make your own fresh fruit juice, you are going to be getting a lot of extra trace minerals & enzymes that you would not find in fruit juice that you buy at a store.

This is because these minerals and enzymes disappear once fruit juice goes through the manufacturing process.

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An Artificial Human Being Has Been Launched By Samsung

An Artificial Human Being Has Been Launched By Samsung



Samsung for a long time now has been in the fore front when it comes to technology around the globe, At the recent CES 2020 event, Samsung unveiled a human assistant project called Neon, which the brand refers to as an “artificial human” Here is everything we know

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What’s a Neon?

A Neon is an artificially intelligent digital avatar that’s meant to mimic real human appearance and emotions. It’s envisioned as a highly lifelike companion that has its own personality and can converse and behave like humans. Neons can also remember and learn.

According to Neon CEO Pranav Mistry, “Neons are more like us, an independent but virtual living being, who can show emotions and learn from experiences.” According to the founder’s vision, they’re like a related — yet different — new species of life from humans.

 What Does Neon Look Like?

We have already talked about the lifelike appearance of the “artificial human” created by Samsung and STAR Labs, but the extent of the lifelikeness of Neon’s look is truly staggering. The appearance of the chatbot is generated by technology, but when you look at Neon, it’s very hard to believe it.

Even though the appearance of Neon is chosen at random, it looks so close to an actual human being that you will probably have to do a double-take to ensure it’s not a real person. However, Pranav Mistry, the CEO of STAR Labs, has pointed out that Neon can be made to look like any real-life person using complex computer algorithms.

What does a Neon do?

Right now, not much. Neon is in its early start-up phase, generating buzz and interest, as well as possible use cases when the technology matures. At CES, Neons acted mostly in a chatbot capacity, as an AI engine with a face that you can speak to — but about far more than the weather or how long it will take to drive to the mall.

Some possible scenarios include being a language tutor, concierge, personal financial adviser, receptionist, virtual counselor or healthcare provider, actor, TV anchor or spokesperson. The list goes on.

For example, you could potentially learn yoga from a Neon programmed to show you various poses and, much like a human teacher, incrementally increase the level of difficulty as you master new skills. If you wanted to become fluent in a new language, a Neon could teach it to you, as well as translate in real time when you need help.

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Toyota GR Yaris: The Most Powerful Hatchback From Toyota

Toyota GR Yaris: The Most Powerful Hatchback From Toyota



Toyota GR Yaris is the most powerful 3 cylinder hatchback there is at the moment and it’s a development that Toyota wants to explore the performance series. Who knows maybe we may see GR versions of the Corolla or Camry in the near future.

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The looks of the Toyota GR Yaris screams performance. From the front to rear-end, you can see that Toyota has really been busy brewing this piece of machine. The hatch takes advantage of Toyota’s World Rally Championship (WRC) expertise and comes in a three-door form. It makes use of carbon fibre polymer and aluminium to keep the weight low. There’s a newly developed double-wishbone rear suspension, a MacPherson strut front suspension, and a wider rear track compared to the regular Yaris. The roofline has been lowered by 91 mm (3.6 inches) to obtain a coupe-like silhouette, and there are frameless doors along with 18-inch alloys serving as telltale signs this isn’t an ordinary Yaris.

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Interior Layout

The interior layout of the Toyota GR Yaris is still the same from the regular Yaris. The infotainment system sits on top of the dash like most new Toyota vehicles. The interior is wrapped in custom GR trims on the steering and the seats. Switching on the ignition, you will be greeted by the GR logo to further distinguish the GR version from the standard model. Aside from that, every other feature from the interior is the same and very recognizable.

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Engine and Transmission

The Toyota GR Yaris is powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged 3 cylinder engine that will produce a maximum of 257bhp and 265lb ft. The engine is all-new and purpose-built for the Yaris GR and it is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission. Another sweet spot is that the Yaris GR comes in standard All-Wheel-Drive. Drivers will get to play with a 4WD dial switch allowing them to pick between Normal, Sport, and Track modes. In Normal, front and rear torque distribution is split 60:40, while in Sport it changes to 30:70. Head to the circuit and turn on Track mode and torque will be split evenly between the two axles. It’s worth mentioning these represent the default settings as the 4WD system is automatically adjustable and can send the full torque to the front or rear wheels depending on the road conditions and the driver’s inputs.

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Fufatrade: Executives launch platform for Buying/Selling in African countries{}



If you have been wondering how you can enlarge your business territory, or fighting with the issues of getting the liberty to choose from varieties on items you want to buy, because it is been sold in another country then this article is for you,

Fufatrade has previously operated on as its online platform which has been enabling over 5000 people buy and sell from the comfort of their device from any location in and outside Nigeria to Nigerians.

on the 3rd of December 2019 in a program “All White Party” held in Togo Lome, The company executive owners Samuel Future Chinedum and Samuel Faithful, publicly announced Fufatrade was not just sponsoring programs in African countries but also expanding its territory and creating a bigger platform which will be launched in January 2019 has been created to connect the African buyers and sellers. this also means languages have been put into consideration customers can now chat or sell in language of choice, its African kick up point is Togo. the project will see to it that africans can Register for free post pictures of their items and services for free online and chat with customers within the African space

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