Your Life Is At Risk! : 5 Dangerous Effects From Constant Lack Of Sleep

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Constant lack of sleep causes serious problems with your health, starting from a slight neurosis and the risk of weight gain, and ending with more serious problems like the heart diseases and an increased risk of diabetes.

Now we will tell you about 5 Dangerous Effects From Constant Lack Of Sleep that threatens your health – and even life!

1. Increases The Risk Of Stroke

Studies published in the «SLEEP» magazine in 2012 proved that lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) increases the risk of having a stroke for older people by 4 times

2. Problems With Your Memory

3. Your Lifetime Shortens

Lack of sleep reduces longevity. People that sleep less than 6 hours a day have an increased risk to die prematurely

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4. Risk Of Heart Disease Increases

The stress that you experience due to the lack of sleep is very bad for your heart health. You can simply ruin your heart’s health and the risk of getting a heart attack increases

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5. Increases The Chances Of Cancer

Lack of sleep may provoke the appearance of precancerous lesions.

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