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Importing Products From China, USA And The UK To Sell Is Easy. See How!

Sell Anything successfully from the comfort of your house on Fufatrade

Thanks for stopping by! It still looks like a very big deal to bring in products from the above mentioned countries to so many business people. Yes you can make a lot of gain just buying locally and reselling here, but you will be amazed to know that selling products you’ve imported might bring more profit to you . This article will show you all that is involved in making this a reality for you! Seat back and have fun while i show you how.

When thinking of importing the following steps should be the main focus of any person:



what to buy online on fufatrade

Like i said earlier there are amazing products you can buy abroad to sell locally, but some products will make you leap for joy after sales because they sell better and faster. This is because these products are very cheap up there in the manufactures company and sell almost x3 locally, before you start importing you must find out products selling faster that has high demands places to search for these are online selling site in your country like Fufatrade .

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what you need to shop online

After you have an idea of what products to import another major step which is very easy is knowing how to go about it. here are the tools and all you will need in importing:

  • Capital to startup
  • A laptop, mobile phone or tablet with internet access
  • Debit card to make online payments
  • Shipping address in your country e.g Nigeria
  • Shipping address in the country you are buying from. this is not a must, which means it is not mandatory.

With most online shopping websites, you can ship goods directly to your Nigerian address. However, some stores like Amazon may not deliver many of their products internationally. In that case, you will need to use the services of a mail forwarder, who will give you a shipping address in the UK or the US and will then ship your goods from that address to your Nigerian address

Locations To Shop

Most people in the world only know Amazon and eBay as the most popular shopping locations for international buyers. However, we have many more opportunities to shop online. Amazon and eBay remain major players, but there are several more popular options for those who want to import goods from overseas.

If you plan to work with a specific niche, you can find plenty of smaller online stores who will gladly ship to your location. Still, the number one choice for importing goods to Nigeria is currently Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a Chinese platform where thousands of independent sellers offer any kinds of goods you can imagine.

Personally Aliexpress works for me because the competition there makes price for products in bulk cheaper.

How To Shop Online

Visit any of the websites stated above to shop. Here is a step-by-step instruction on shopping online.:

  1. Create your account by filling in a few fields. That way, you will be able to add products to your wish list, get special offers, and place your orders within seconds.
  2. Enter your search query into the search field or browse the categories on the website. You can sort the goods by the number of orders to see the best-selling products, or sort them from low price to high price to see the most affordable options.
  3. Add the necessary products to your cart and choose the shipping method. Fill in the shipping details of your order and be extra careful: if there are any mistakes in your shipping information or name, you may have trouble receiving your order.
  4. If you are buying from Amazon or another site that does not ship to Nigeria directly, you will need to get a US or UK shipping address from a mail forwarder prior to placing the order.
  5. Pay for the order using your debit card and wait for your order to be shipped.
  6. If the seller provided you with a tracking number for your order, you can track your package right until it arrives at your post office.
  7. Collect your package at the post office and start making money by selling those goods on Fufatrade.
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