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Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Or No Money In Nigeria

Starting a business can be very frustrating when you don’t have a huge capital, Still there are businesses you can start with that budget you have now, and we have listed them in this article.

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Snacks And Baked Foods

A visionary entrepreneur could take advantage of the less crowded roadside snack niche and build brand around it where there would be many mobile branches in different states selling the tastiest snacks in most attractive way

Places to sell are:

Mobile Phone And Accessories

So many people buy powerbanks,chargers,phone pouches,Phone batteries and more on a regular basis. The rates of mobile phone accessories sold a day trump’s the Volume of mobile phone home sold daily by a wide margin,this frantic demand hasn’t just made it a grate business opportunity for the populace to get into but An affordable one to Start from as low as 100,000Naira and below.

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Soap Production

Every year the population of people venturing into local soap manufacturing grows substantially, This industry which has been dominated by likes of Dettol and Liz for so many years Is now experiencing a large influx of Investors because it is relatively easy and cheap to start manufacturing all kinds of soap with 100,000naira and below

Road-side Bar

Opening a road side bar is one of the top low cost business ideas you can start with less than 100,000 Naira. Just choose a good location preferably a street filled with middle-class or lower-class citizens Rent a store then place tables and seats in public view where people can seat, drink and converse.

Organic Juice Production

Any individual with 30,000naira or less can start extracting Fresh juice from Oranges,Apple or more to prepare organic Juice which can be turned into a thriving business. If you live in a highly trafficked neighborhood or in a university campus Preparing and selling Freshly made Juice can be a profitable investment to make.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing Largely involves getting commission for every sale or lead you bring to a company carrying this out does not require any funds been spent but that you have a wide range of people you can market the affiliate service to. For instance pays affiliate workers 30% of the subscribed package you have introduced to a person, this means if you bring up to 10 persons who subscribe to their monthly plan You get 30,000naira plus the 25,000 naira basic pay this is a nice way to make you 50,000naira for your self in a month you get more pay with the number of people you introduce to the brand

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Sachet Water Production

Sachet Water popularly known as Pure water in Nigeria Is one of the fastest selling commodities on the streets, people buy them at parties, school, and every other part of the country its low cost of production and explosive demand makes it a very good business to invest in.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a low cost business idea that can be started with as low as 30,000 naira to 10billion naira. It involves the raising of chickens,guinie pigs,turkeys,several other domestic birds. A good advantage of this business is that it can be started from your backyard.

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