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Fufatrade: Top Sellers Receive 300,000 naira Each On Independence.

Fufatrade is an online marketplace where sellers meet buyers from the comfort of their devices to buy and sell almost anything, Brand-new or Used Items in Nigeria and Togo.

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There is no doubt that sellers on Nigeria’s fastest growing online marketplace, hope for remarkable dates and events as the Fufatrade Management finds a way to always encourage young entrepreneurs selling an item or advertising a service on its website

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How To Win 300,000 Naira For Yourself

The Fufatrade management has assured its customers in Nigeria that 2 top active sellers will be receiving the sum of 300,000 naira each in celebration of the independence. And if you are reading this article before the 12th of October 2019 then you can also stand a chance to win

To be a winner seller must be an active subscriber to one of its premium plans and not to worry these plans starts from as low as 950 naira to 15,000naira, So even if you post an item on the site now and subscribe to 950 naira immediately you stand a good chance to bag this 300,000 naira on 12/10/2019.

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5 Steps To Become A Seller On Fufatrade

  1. Visit or Get the Fufatrade app
  2. Register by clicking on the 3-dotted line top-right of the page
  3. Ensure you are logged in by clicking the 3-dotted line top-right of page your username should appear there now
  4. Click on the Sell Button at the bottom of the page(if you are logging in on desktop view it would be at the top of the page)
  5. Select the category,fill in details upload picture and click submit.(you will receive an email notification when your ad(s) has been approved)

For Frequently Asked Questions About Fufatrade Click FAQ

fufatrade is registered with the Nigerian Government as Fufatrade Integrated Service and is currently hiring. For any other inquiries email:

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