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Steps On How to Start a Dog Business in Nigeria

One of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria is dog business. Dogs are some of the most popular pets in Nigerian families. There is the right breed of dog for every personality and situation, I know it might sound new to some people but actually dog breeding could bring in millions yearly with little capital you can join it right now! Here is everything you need to know about starting a dog breeding business in Nigeria.

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Why Start Dog Breeding Business?

There are several reasons why a dog breeding business is so popular in Nigeria today. A Dobberman dog puppy goes for a little over 110,000 Naira, A Rottweiler puppy goes for 90,000 Naira , A pure breed boar bull male puppy as of recently is sold for 100,000 Naira. Imagine breeding hundreds of dogs that sell at this price, you could be racking in millions in a year. it can be very rewarding to give families a new beloved pet they have dreamed about for ages. Second, a dog breeding business is surely challenging, but not as challenging and labor-intensive as many other businesses.

Make Research

If you don’t have any experience in the dog breeding industry and only have a love for dogs and a desire to build a business out of this then you have to make research and hire a professional to put you through. Before you begin to invest money into the business, you want to know what breeds you should buy, most commonly sought for breeds in Nigeria and how to manage them. Get an experienced graduate in Veterinary medicine as a partner if you can because you will need one in the long run. If you can’t get a professional you can also use your smartphone to do research on the internet or watch you tube videos that will explain the behaviors of different breeds of dogs, this will give you a pretty good knowledge about dogs and how to train them or manage them.

Decide Your Target Market

There are dozens of dog breeds you can rear in Nigeria right now, but they require different living conditions and have different target markets There are dog breeders who sell to the police, some who sell to the military and some who just focus on selling to families as pets, while some breeders actually sell to all parties. Selling to the military requires breeding big dogs that grow to a reasonably large size like Rottweilers. Breeding guard dogs like Tibetan mastiffs and Pitbulls can be rather lucrative, but these dogs and puppies also require special care and lots of food expenses. Whereas breeding Beagles, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frise, and other small and medium breeds can be just as lucrative but less expensive.

Create All You Need

After building a dog house and a quarantine section (this is in case of a disease outbreak. It is necessary to quarantine infected dogs to prevent further spreading of the disease) it could be a small structure that a simple woodsman/carpenter could fix. It needs to be airy but at the same time it should be rainproof to avoid the animals catching cold. Then you’ll need to buy dogs for breeding. Female dogs usually reach the age of mating at 8 months old, but it is not recommended to allow them to mate during the first heat. You can purchase dogs aged 1+ years to ensure healthy mating, pregnancy, and birth. The number of dogs you will get depends on your financial means and your business plan. A female dog can have up to 4 healthy litters in her lifetime, but male dogs can mate a virtually unlimited number of times.

Dog Breeding Seasons

After building the dog house and purchasing required equipment to train the dogs, you now have to purchase the female and male dog adults of the breeds you want, and have patience.

Once this dogs begin to bear offspring do not give the puppies names, I repeat do not name the puppies at all. Most families you sell too will like to do that honors, and changing a dog’s name if they don’t like it could be very difficult and frustrating. So again do not give the puppies names.

Have A Vet Who Checks In Regularly

Do not hire just any Veterinary doctor, hire someone who is experienced with Dogs. this is to ensure that your dogs are in good shape at all times

Advertising Your Business

It will not be easy vising and posting so much about your business on you facebook and instagram you can try but to get instant and maximum response visit Africans number 1 online marketplace to sell anything. create a free account then upload images of these pictures put in a good description of each Dog and start selling, It is easier to sell chat with customers and monitor your ads with the fufatrade mobile app. To download and start right away click ? Fufatrade App

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