Electricity Worker Hangs On Pole For Safety,The Other Runs For His Life As Youths Pulls Ladder [Video]

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Basic Electricity Need has become a painful experience with the Nigerian citizens As endless plea about creating constant power supply seem to fall on deaf ears or on incapable hands.

Promises have been made in the past about this issue by aspiring presidential candidates but it only seems there is a force on the presidential seat that tends to diverts the unending attention to just electricity as other sectors of the Nation demands presidential commitments as well

How ever the youths of this community do not care about other sector as the little hope of even shouting “UP NEPA!”(the normal Nigerian slogan when electricity comes back-on before it goes out to comeback on again) is about to be shattered.

Our source has reported that the house in particular was disconnected by the electricity company earlier, but then reconnected illegally by the residents totally going against the companies decision of re-connection on payment of outstanding bills,

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