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The Best Relaxation Destinations In Nigeria

So maybe you were planning to go on holiday but your visa got denied, or perhaps you are in need of some time out but you do not have enough money to travel out, you do not need to despair. Take a good look at these vacation destinations in Nigeria that can stand toe to toe with foreign locations.

  • Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Obudu cattle ranch is another top destination to visit if you want to be in touch with nature. The name Obudu Cattle Ranch might confuse you to think that the main attraction might be to see herds of cattle but this could not be further from the truth. Be prepared to encounter a water park with slides, cable cars, a golf course, night-time bonfires, cable cars, fully equipped gym, extra large swimming pool, and horseback riding and a lot more. You can also hike through forests and mountains while bird watching and getting a first-hand dose of nature and wildlife. The accommodation facilities are ultra modern and a home away from home. Obudu Cattle Ranch is better experienced than explained.

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  • Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi

Step into Yankari Games Reserve and it will feel like you have just walked into a scene in Lions King or Madagascar. You can expect to see Baboons, Hippos, elephants, giraffes and a host of other wildlife creatures all around in their natural habitat. In fact, the Yankari games reserve presently has about 50 different species of animals, about 550 elephants, and 59 caves. Yankee Games Reserve is also popular for its wiki warm springs and visitors can take a swim in the crystal clear water. What’s more is that visitors can enjoy a wide array of Nigerian dishes, visit the museum and buy artifacts and souvenirs.

  • Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar

The Tinapa Business and Leisure resort is also located in Calabar and makes a case for Calabar being the tourism center of Nigeria. It is the ideal spot for a great family getaway as you will find a children’s arcade, an eight-screen cinema, a casino, a mini amphitheater, restaurants, and pubs. There also is a 243-room international three-star Hotel for you to get lost in comfort in. Still looking for more details to get you sold? There also is an artificial tidal lake that feeds from the Calabar River, a Water Park / Leisure Land and Parking Space for 4,000 cars.

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  • Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta

The Abraka Turf and Country Club are rightly located in the oil-rich region of Delta State, along with the Virgin bank of the mystical Ethiope River known for its rich aquatic community. This lesser-known vacation destination has in recent times asserted itself as a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria, when it comes to providing entertainment, quintessential comfort and delicate cuisine. If it lacks popularity, it certainly does not lack in facilities as you will find a golf court, polo field, tennis court, swimming pool, very affordable accommodation, equestrian facilities for polo and horse riding and a river for canoeing, deep river diving, and fishing

  • Suntan Beach And Resorts, Lagos

The Suntan Beach And Resorts is located in Badagry Lagos and perhaps this is why its presence is overshadowed by the more popular Whispering Palms. The Palms trees and the clear beach can contest with just about any beach you will find and it is one place you can see yourself staying in for weeks on end. You can also enjoy some fishing and if you will rather stay away from large bodies of water, you can alternatively enjoy some horse riding.

  • Oguta Lake Motel and Golf Resort, Imo

The Oguta Lake Motel and Golf resort as the name suggests is very popular for its standard 18-hole golf course and eye-catching Lake. Enjoy cruise boat services, golf club bat house, and tastefully furnished rooms in this metaphorical diamond in the rough. This is one of the best locations for having an intimate time with your partner as it offers couples premium access to an avalanche of relaxing activities that you can expect from a lake and acres of vegetation.

  • Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom

As you can expect from any location which has ‘Le Meridien’ in its name, this is a vacation destination with distinction. As with most of the destinations on this list, a large golf course is stable. Considered to be the pride of Akwa Ibom, the Le Meridien Golf Resort is known for offering one of the best local cuisines in the country. This resort promises an unforgettable experience which will long be on the lips of those who visit. Facilities you can expect to indulge in include a spa, biking, night club, a Marina club, squash court, swimming pool, business center, a night club, lawn tennis courts, restaurants and bars, helipads, the 18-hole golf course, 24-hour fitness center and High-speed Internet.

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The Best Vacation Destinations In Nigeria

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