Winner Of The Prize For Employee Of The Month Of May-Fufacarwash

Welcome incase you are confused Fufacarwash is a combination of grate carwash service and relaxation spot where you can eat top quality food professionally made by international chefs and has outlets in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo it is sponsored by Fufa Network owners of Fufatrade

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There is always something amazing about Fufa Network that is why employees and those who ever worked in the organization stick to their position, apart from the love and unity there’s always a bonus attached to each position. so incase you find your self working there expect a bonus. This week an employee AKUVI CHARITY got the bonus of $200 as employee of the month of May

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According to a tweet from the co-founder SAMUEL FUTURE this award will not end anytime soon as concentration will be given to availability, was he talking about the workers? solve the equation yourself from the picture of the tweet below, but whatever the sum is you will agree with me that working under such grate leadership is the ideal dream of every employee.