Ways To Spend Time in Lock-down

With isolation upon us, it’s difficult to keep ourselves motivated during this tough time. It’s so easy to let your mind wander and for worry to kick in with so much uncertainty. While we all are allowed a pyjama day or two during lockdown, you don’t want to look back on the time with regret. After all, lockdown offers great new opportunities for us and it can be a fulfilling and rewarding time. Here are ways to spend time in lockdown.

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Engage in a Hobby

Stay productive with working from home but when its time to unwind, hobbies are a great way to conveniently kill time in isolation. Truth is, there’s a high chance we still have more days to spend in solitude. Rather than spend all your time on the internet only, get busy doing something else. From baking to journaling, playing video games, drawing, gardening, cooking, playing chess, calligraphy, reading, baking, etc. There are multiple ways to make isolation interesting. 

Do a daily workout

It’s so important to stay active during lockdown. While you might struggle to have the energy for a workout, you will feel so much better for it afterwards. It will boost your mood and help you feel motivated to get on with the rest of your day. Whether you want to have a run around the block, do some yoga or even follow a class online, completing exercise every day will help you to stay healthy. I would highly recommend joining in with Youth Employment UK’s #StayInStepUp challenge, it’s a fantastic way to ensure you’re keeping your steps up while we’re stuck at home.

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Check Up on Loved Ones

No one is an island. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home order aimed at limiting the virus spread has made lots of people feel this way. With friends, family members and loved ones stuck behind closed doors in various locations, it’s easy to lose that connection but this should not be the case. Make out time each day to stay socially connected to those you care about. Reach out to them often, and Carve out time for calls, messages, facetime, or just about any means of maintaining a bond. Kind gestures such as Paying bills, sending money and making payments for your loved would also suffice.

Learn Something New

As a matter of fact, no one should stand in the way of your rest, not even an epileptic power supply. It’s okay to have lazy days when you are stuck in bed half of the time. However, it’s only wise that while the whole world is at a standstill, you take advantage of this slow mode to learn something new at your own pace. Become an expert in something. Channel your idle energy into something productive. Is there any skill you’ve been interested in all along? Or one you’ve been curious about? Its time to Enroll for that online class. Read those books you’ve set aside for a while now, but Power Must Not Stand In Your Way. .

Shopping is Good For Your Health

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