Words can not describe the pain and uncertainty this deadly pandemic has left the world with now as a result of the outburst and global breakdown of the world’s economy with jobs lost,loved once lost and the unbearable isolation and loneliness that some of us who are caught out far away from their loved once may face day to day.

Train Runs over laid off 16 migrant workers due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic leaving 14 people confirmed dead and 5 injured in india.

More information gathered states that it was a total of 16 migrant workers killed and five injured and eye witness states this workers were sleeping on the railway tracks– after coming under a goods train,The incident took place near Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district early hours of this morning at 6.30(Friday ,May 8,2020).

comments retrieved from a few eye witness states that may be now some positive lesson will come from this, now everyone will know sleeping on train tracks is a bad idea. Trouble is everywhere on the planet we all already know the times are bad except them.

All hope is not lost please i advice each one of us to be our brother’s keeper and stretch out arms of help a lot of people have got the streets as their home and we just hope the leaders would put this incidents into check and profound a solid solution.

Stay safe,stay calm, vigilant and stay home out of danger ……….

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