Signs your relationship is marriage material

Image credit: Dr. Sheila Addison

February 14 ❤ is around the corner You love your partner dearly, of course, but are unsure on if forever and ever, amen is the right thing for you. Well, fear not. Here are some signs that your relationship will head there.

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1. Communication on point 🗣

You can talk to your partner comfortably about anything. You feel free to express your fears, concerns, and opinions without feeling judged or afraid to lose them.

2. A Decent Sense of Humor 🙄

Not talking about the type of partner who is constantly making fun of you and others, Rather than making jokes at others’ expense, their ability to laugh at themselves shows a degree of humility that is very desirable in a life partner.

3. Enjoy spending time together 🥰

You would rather hang out with your partner than anyone else. You enjoy each other’s company, whether you’re out with a group of friends partying or home together. You both just enjoy the companionship of each other.


4. You respect and support one another 🤫

You back each other in your careers, hobbies and friendships outside of your relationship. When you’re with others, you only refer to them with respect and kindness, and your pride is evident. When you’re away from each other you’re not tempted to stray. loyalty and honesty are upheld.

5. Can Handle Conflict Reasonably🧐

Pay attention to how they fight with you and other people, If they always hit below the belt when conflict arises, that’s not a good sign.

6. They’re independent 🤠

A Self-Sufficient partner is a happy partner. It is important that someone be able to take care of themselves emotionally and physically. If they can’t, they will never be able to provide the support they need to provide when that is called for.

7. They don’t have baggage👽

Your partner has released all of the emotional baggage from their past relationship. They have a clean slate, so there’s no ramification of the past to haunt you two. 

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8. You’re sexually attracted to each other 😍

You and your partner are best friends, but you also have that exciting tingle in the pit of your stomach when they kiss you or when your eyes meet from across a crowded room. If there isn’t sexual attraction and chemistry, the relationship won’t last.

Dear reader we can go on and on about this but until our next article on relationship remain blessed. And remember that a relationship that is built on God has better odds of making it.

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