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Sexual Abuse In Children & Signs You Should Look Out For

You may suspect the sexual abuse of a child without having any proof or obvious signs. Always listen to your gut instinct. When it comes to children and sexual abuse, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The numbers are increasing when it comes to sexual abuse in children. Unfortunately this might be going on under your roof as you are reading this. Sexual abuse can have negative impacts on a child for the rest of their life. Here are signs you should look out for which can help you save that innocent child or children around you.


You might want to know that sexual abuse can start from any of the following act. When an adult Exposes his or her private parts to a child, Sharing inappropriate images‌ with a child and taking photos or videos of a child that are sexual in nature‌. A person may start to earn trust from a child by touching them and then it grows into threatening or making promises so that the child doesn’t tell anyone about anything that happens.

Physical Signs include bruises, bleeding, and stains on bed sheets or underwear, sexually transmitted disease (STD).‌

Behavioral Signs: When a child knows so much about sexual topics than they should for their age, or they become very secretive and begin to be quite than usual, You might notice separation anxiety when their parents or relations want to leave, or they might not want to be left alone with certain persons or family members. Not wanting to take off clothes or bathe in front of parents , Spending more time alone‌, Acting overly compliant to requests.

Emotional Signs: They may not understand what is happening to them, and they aren’t sure how to feel. so sometimes this can make them become more aggressive. Nightmares, Change in eating habit.

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