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See How to Start, Survive and Enjoy Ember Months

The *ember* months are the last four months of the year: September, October, November, and December.

Living through these months can be very exciting, as well as heartbreaking. Whatever the outcome 90% depends on you and how ready you are. Now since you know what ember months mean, I will show you how to live through it because the experience is as interesting as the name *ember* is.

I have included a special gift for you in this article. especially for that entrepreneur with little or no capital. What are you waiting for start reading now.

Hello there thanks for joining me, it’s been a while since I wrote on fufagist. But now am back and it’s better because I now have a page dedicated to only my posts here. *Thanks to Fufagist.com*

Today we will talk about the Ember months and incase you are lost *ember* months are the last four months of the year: September, October, November, and December.

Living through these months can be very exciting, as well as heartbreaking. Whatever the outcome 90% depends on you and how ready you are. Now since you know what ember months mean, I will show you how to live through it because the experience is as interesting as the name *ember* is.

1. Get A Pencile & Book

You want to achieve every single thing with out failure so you must start with writing down every single thing, in numbers plan them out. If you will be travelling, starting some program, making a special visit, plan a suprise and more you have to throw it all out from your brain into this paper.

It is advisable to get a rough estimate of what it will cost to achieve these things, if not money issues how much time and energy will this take from you.

2. Stick To The Plan

In the past I find myself been tempted to go beyond what i have planned for. like deciding how many items i will pick up at the grocery store when i go shopping. Note, i didn’t say you can’t have more items that are really needed here is an example. If i planned to get 1 Can of peanut butter and i come across the latest type of that brand or another peanut butter from another brand, i should be able to resist buying more than one (1) Can of peanut butter as i planned. You can either try a new one now or leave it until next time when you visit the shop.

3. Use different skills than you use during the weeks.

You probably spend the majority of your workweek sitting at your desk or in conference rooms, slogging away at your day-to-day tasks. That’s why changing the types of activities you do on each week can play a big role in both your level of happiness and productivity. When composers get stuck writing a piece of music, for example, it’s not uncommon for them to switch to a different instrument to help get over their writer’s block. The different instrument helps them think about the “problem” in a different way.

4. Plan Out Your Weekends

It begins during the week, plan your weekdays so that you can stay organized and keep planning your weekends. Saturdays shouldn’t be crazy busy, they should be a good combination of quality time and self-care along with some minor things that you need to get done. Like a bit of cleaning. 

5. Business & Skill Acquisition/Start Now

Is there a particular thing you are crazy about? is there a particular business idea that you can’t stop feeling like doing?. now is the time to start and focus on it before December. Acquire a new skill, these days you don’t have to even pay heavy amounts to learn a lot of things, that thing you wish to know there is a 99% chance someone already talked about it and shared the experience on YouTube. Search in that category and learn from different sources

To See Ideas On Business and Skills You can acquire click me

There are currently different avenues you can start making money from. Like droppshiping, farming, Buying and selling.

6. Work On A Budget

We all know that this season there is going to be an increase in advertisements and almost pressure from most vendors, ecommerce store or even the supermarket in your area Yes as humans we must need to buy clothes, shoes, personal items and accessories, almost on a daily but this is no reason to spend all in the safe even before January

Amidst the noise for items been sold by diffrent platforms. Buy from those with reputable record for affordable items to be precise a shop like Fufatrade.ng currently operating in and not limited to 2countries Nigeria, Togo. You could also be benefitting Almost as you are spending with their many offers.

7. Be Open To Ideas/ Trends

The world evolves every single day don’t sleep on it. The truth is for every particular season or quarter there is a trend or better still call it an opportunity you can dive in, but if your ears and eyes are not open you will miss these opportunities. One way to stay on top is to follow relevant pages on social media and subscribe to blogs that keep up with the speed. An example is fufagist.com click the subscribe button at the end of the page to get notified in your email.


I want to reveal a secret to you if you have read up to this point you are about to discover gold 😁!

On fufatrade.ng the administration have decided to give access and create opportunitiesΒ for individual and upcoming businesses, So unless you are a close follower or just lucky to stop scrolling and read this part then you can not see this.


Now here it is . You can buy products or items as a wholesaler for upto $200 (100,000 naira )without spending a dime from your wallet or bank account. How? 😎  all you have to do is submit an application to the correct email and when all processes have been completed you will be granted items worth that amount to sell. Now this offer is only valid to people who wish to buy in wholesale. Fufatrade makes wholesale very easy this is how:

  • Start or Join The Circle : This is when you click buy now or purchase any item in the wholesale store after you have created a whosale account on Fufatrade
  • Fufa-Circle will always consist of only four (4) persons because each Wholesale Product or item will be divided into 25% so i will give an example below for better understanding;


ITEM *Blue t-shirt* , Price Displayed on Fufatrade Wholesale store *$100*

(4)persons will be needed to complete the Fufa-circle in order to purchase *Blue t-shirt*

each person is entitled to 25% which in this case will be *$25* each to complete the circle

once all 4persons have entered the circle. the trade will begin and the item will ship out and delivered to various destination or pickup stations of all 4 members.

  • Payment:
    • SMALL CAPITAL: You will have to make 30% payment of your share for the product at product sourcing while you wait or complete your circle and 70% after item has reached your door step! I will add link to read more about this in my next post stay in touch with me on twitter
    • NO CAPITAL : If you are lucky to start a new circle you can join a circle based on loan from Fufapay this means Fufapay will place your account in the negative but pay your 25% in the circle, your items will be stored and good pictures of the items will be sent to you by Fufacare customer services so that you can post the items on Fufatrade add a reasonable price after inspection your ad will be live and when ever a customer buys you will get the profit. While Fufatrade will take its cost back for each product and you will be credited with your profits. I will add link to read more in my next post stay in touch with me on twitter

IS THIS NOT GRATE ? i know your next question how do i join well you must be a wholesale customer to have this access and here us the good news at the time of writing this Fufatrade just introduced Fufa-circle and it is still free because it is still running in the Test stage. so grab the opportunity. First things first send an email to fufacare@fufanetwork.com keep it simple.

*Dear Fufatrade- I am a business man/woman and i will like to be part of Fufa-circle. my official email, phone number and fufatrade user ID is (Enter your detail) Regards*

So that is it thank you fo joining me today i hope you have already subscribed to this blog so as to be notified when next i post. kindly share to help others.

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