Nigerian Hairstyles For Kids (2020)

Nigerian baby hairstyles are an essential component of the national culture, so if you want your kid to have a better national identity, make sure to help her get the right hairstyle. There are different looks, style and variations to pick from when it comes to styling your little girls hair In the variety of hairstyles for kids choosing the right one might not be easy, Relax while we help you with different baby hairstyle

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Mini Mouse Buns

This hairstyle fits girls with round face, it is mini mouse inspired kids love the mini-mouse cartoon series. Hair is packed, twisted and gelled to the crown of the head, just like you can see in the picture it can also be weaved depending on what you want for your little angel. Give your little girl this look and see how she will giggle while staring at the mirror. kids are so adorable right? 🥰

Bantu Knots

Braid Hairstyles For Girls

Beaded Hairstyles For Kids

Back To School Hairstyle For Girls

Hairstyle For Boys

Back To School Hairstyle For Boys

 How To Care Of Your Kids Hair

Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Use a entangling spray before and after every hair wash, as well as every time you want to work on your baby’s hair.
  • Comb the hair in the right way: use a wide-tooth comb and work from the ends towards the roots.
  • Use moisturizing shampoos and hair conditioners, adding a little of jojoba oil or olive oil to the shampoo during every wash to prevent the hair from drying.
  • Build a bedtime routine: before putting your baby to sleep every night, make sure to tie the hair or the cornrows into several neat pieces to prevent tangling.

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