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Items You Can Export From Nigeria To Earn Cool Cash

Exports from Nigeria to other countries of the world is very lucrative and can build the country’s economy overnight. But when ever we think about foreign businesses a lot of us only think of what we can import, is going to open your eyes in this article to see items you can export outside Nigeria to secure the bag for you and your loved ones.

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1. Palm Kernel Oil:

Palm Kernel oil is the oil extracted from the pulp of palm fruit which is different from palm oil. Palm Kernel Oil is used for the manufacturing of various cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and confectioneries. The uses of this oil is broad and the mineral contents are said to be rich in protein for various uses. Nigeria has it quantum and makes dollars exporting it to other countries of the world.

2. Cocoa Products

Cocoa farming is thriving in Nigeria and there are numerous cocoa products you can export for a sizeable profit. Cocoa butter is a popular commodity in the pharmaceutical and skin care industries, and cocoa beans are an essential component of chocolate production.

3. Textiles and Garments

This industry alone generates close to $32bn as revenue from export from Nigeria. It is also a fact that unlike other products that battles with high strict rules of tests, Nigeria’s textiles enjoy duty free passage into United States where it has the largest market in the world because of its unique designs, ethnic African designs and quality.

4. Sesame Seeds

The production of sesame seeds seems like a very niche industry until you learn that Nigeria is the fifth largest exporter of the product in the world. Growing sesame seeds takes some agricultural knowledge and experience, but the results can exceed your expectations.

5. Yam Tubers

Nigeria is presently the highest producers of yam. In 2009 alone, yam export accounted for about US$450 million exchange. But due to low quality, it is saddening to know that the country is not maximizing its export potentials of this products. So there is need for prospective exporters of yam to foreign countries to adhere to quality regulations that is guarding the process. Yam farmers must take this into consideration and tap from this opportunity.

6. Honey

Pure honey is another export commodity from Nigeria to other countries. Presently, a kilogram of honey costs above $150 in the international markets. Pure natural honey contains trace enzymes as sugar, mineral, vitamins and amino acids. A liter of honey can fetch good dollars in the foreign market.

7. Garlic

Garlic is a cash crop which is grown under irrigation by farmers in the Savanna areas in Nigeria. With internationally certified good quantities of garlic, you are sure of foreign hard currencies.

8. Shrimps

The Niger Delta region in Nigeria is blessed with rich organic deposits of Shrimps. The demands for Shrimps is high in countries like Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, and USA.

9. Cashew Nuts

Ever since the world found out about the many health benefits and the delicately sweet taste of cashews, it became hungry for more. Cashew nuts are produced in many parts of Nigeria, and while they don’t cost as much as some other Nigerian exports, you can make a profit by selling them in bulk

10. Rubber

Nigeria has put in place proper Central Testing Laboratories to ensure that only certified products leave the country to Europe and America. Nigeria happens to be a significant producer of Rubber in Africa. A cubit meter of fine quality rubber goes for between $400 and $600 presently because of the instability of dollar rate in the market.

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