Introducing Fufapay

Fufapay Betting 

We currently render two types of betting for our users.

-Mobile Games Bet matches two players who selects from our featured games, stakes an amount and plays against each other, the winner takes the win prize .

-Events Bet features members who are informed daily about the next Global or Regional event which #fufapay creates Bet on. We stick to either a Win or loose, when there’s a draw stakes are returned untouched. This makes our betting system totally different from what you know out there and user friendly.

Games & Events, Why Argue? Bet on it

If you’re new to online gaming, you’ve just found the best the industry has to offer! Our top priorities have always been the easiest deposits, the fastest payouts and the absolute best customer service. Since launching, Fufapay has delivered on its promise of excellent service as well as easy, fast deposits and payouts. That’s not to mention providing an always-expanding selection of Intriguing Games for players at all levels.

As Fufapay User YOu Can

 Bet on Global Events or contradicting Opinion/Ideas between you, family and friends (See Service Plus Menu for details)

Bet on Games (Mobile or PlayStation) more details below

Transfer Funds to other users

Trade your crypto

 Apply for loan

Do you have an idea? is someone annoying you with their contradicting idea? then here is the right place to bet on it. you even get Fufacoin bonus each time you refer someone.