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Introducing Fufa Banquet

Thanks for sticking with us throughout the upgrade on Fufanetwork. While you have been away we have been working and still working. There are so much we have in store for you 😍

We will let the first cat out of the bag by introducing Fufa Banquet to you. You are getting this info first hand because you are subscribed to Fufagist.com.

There have been the need to improve our clients and customers means of selling more or making profits. Fufa Network Limited Stakeholders had a meeting on the 11/07/2022 concerning a continues way to bring added value to all Fufa devoted followers around Africa. Here by initiating a motion to create a Programme for you called the FUFA BANQUET

About Fufa Banquet ?

Since Fufa network is about improving lives around Africa, Fufa Banquet is a programme that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to reveal, advertise their business and then network with other entrepreneurs

It is a seasonal programme and each season will be a Theme based event and activity. The programme will feature successful entrepreneurs from around Africa this means there will be alot of knowledge flying around in the event as well as access to networking with grate names in diffrent carrer path.

What Fufa Banquet Will Do ?

Valuable content will be dished out like fries in every programme. Whether you are starting up or already making a way in your business, every entrepreneur will definitely benefit in these programme which will be held across Africa.

Featuring different carrer or business paths like Blockchain, Real-estate, Importation and exportation and so much more this give you the opportunity to network with other people in your field make new friends and customers. Not to forget that there will be alot of other activities that will make it worth your while.

Location ?

Fufanetwork currently has an ecosysterm that has invested physically in 3western countries in Africa and counting. At the time of this newsletter meetings for now will be held at any Fufa Network Outlet in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and with time more places will be covered.

Yes! If your question is can you attend these programmes or seminars if it’s outside your country?

How You Can Know & Participate?

Follow Fufanetwork official twitter account @fufanetwork or on Facebook @fufanetwork to stay updated on everything you Need to know about Fufa Banquet. We will also do our best to send out newsletters on how to get your ticket for each event.


Untill next time stay tuned and happy weekend