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how does mint leaf look like

So if it's been there a log time, hasn't spread and is in the direct sun, it's probably not mint. Apparently can kill wasps and flies. Your email address will not be published. Mint leaves are round with little spike-looking-things at the is easy to grow, I’ve killed a few mint plants for many different reasons. Mint leaves are round with little spike-looking-things at the end, which aren't actually spikes. Unfortunately I don’t have the Latin names, and I don’t know if some of the hybrids even have one. Not only does this plant look a bit like weed, it is a literal weed. Your email address will not be published. Grow mint in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. The soil should be well-dug, fertile and water-retentive, but not water-logged. Comments: This does have a lot of pear scent.  It has little  mint tones, so this might be a great desert and fruit mint as well.  It has not sent out any runners and does not spread quickly.  The leaves are not very remarkable in appearance. It is like a weed and is happy in a variety of lighting conditions. It may look like brown, green, or gray dried parsley. Thanks. Could I borrow your rating system for a future blog post? Peppermint- from my father’s garden.  These are the bits that tried to make a run for it through a cracked pot. The mint plant is a popular aromatic herb native to Europe and Asia. Comments: This is a common mint with nothing special about it. Whether you have better luck or a light brown gardening thumb like me, these tips will improve the health of your mint.  This mint did not survive the winter, all the other mints did. Hi there! The plant may look small at first, but it does try to take over gardens, or any spot where it may be left to grow. Mountain Mint Herbal and Edible Use. The plant is native to South America but can now be found all over the world. These pictures show marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, in varying stages of growth, processing, and use. Chocolate mint: Mentha × piperata f. citrata ‘Chocolate’ has dark brown leaves that taste like chocolate creams. Hello, Julep Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. Ginger mint: Mentha ×gracilis- ginger mint - has oval leaves with a spicy mint scent. If you can help please. Hi. Rust on mint plants looks similar to other rusts in later stages, with orange to rust-colored spots covering the undersides of lower leaves in early spring. There are hundreds of variety of mint… so I am not sure. People smoke it in a pipe, in the form of a hand-rolled cigarette, or in a water pipe. Any thoughts? Candy Pops Mint- a Jim Westerfield hybrid. First, take a close look at a mint leaf; you should see little veins running through the leaf. There is a well established mint variety called ‘Eau de Cologne, which is very fragrant as a dried flower, and is used for that! Comments: This mint doesn’t have anything striking about it to recommend it. Identifying flower buds to separate them from possible leaf buds can be tricky. Mint rust symptoms may progress, manifesting as leaves that … Comments: I don’t particularly like the pineapple and mint combination.  I don’t particularly like pineapple.  However, the white edging to the mint leaves more than makes up for this failing.  It is a beautiful addition to your mint garden that you could grow for appearance alone.  So far it has not sent out any runners that I can see, so it is not as aggressively spreading as some. Quite deceptive! How to grow mint. Thank you so much for your reply I will definitely do that. Those veins contain chlorophyll, and as it turns out, chlorophyll is bitter. I have a little request though, since I’m not a native English speaker, can you also put their latin names so that I can identify them better? How did the rastafarian culture come to South Africa? color with many leaves. Some people also smoke it after placing it inside of hollowed-out cigars called blunts. You may be concerned about plants you find growing in and around your home. Comments:  The leaf shape and texture is OK, but it has an almost purple hue to the leaves so it is a good color addition to a foliage garden.  It filled a 4” by 24” pot with the pieces we pulled from my father’s garden this spring AFTER he already pulled the majority of the runaway runners out earlier.  The pot it was buried in cracked and the mint made a run for it. Happy Holidays!! Thank you so much for sharing and giving us your time, a very precious gift. Striking appearance- 1. Mint’s main feature is its potent smell, which is said to deter common pests such as cabbageworms and cabbage moths, ants, aphids, and flea beetles. The first thing you may do is look at your herb plants to see how they look different. Mint is very tolerant of almost all conditions, but like all plants it will grow best in certain conditions. Marijuana Plant in a Pot Mojito Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. Also I have a question. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Like drink-driving, driving when high is dangerous and illegal. The trouble with mint is, there are many varieties which look somewhat different - three illustrated here Thanks to you, my search is over! Required fields are marked *. Smoking mint leaves alone is easy and can be done by rolling dried mint leaves into rolling paper just like you would hand-roll a tobacco cigarette. 1. Lemon Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. If these strike, the best thing to do is get rid of your mint plants and get new, healthy ones. This can be a flower bud or a leaf bud. How to Make a Mint Plant Fuller. Mint leaves are also often added to marijuana or tobacco to add a menthol-like flavor. Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? Mint is a popular ingredient in several foods and beverages. New Zealand seems to have this snow peppermint. end, which aren't actually spikes. it’s been growing in doors in a medium pot. The leaf shape's not typical of mint either, and there's none of the typical crunkled appearance on the leaf surface - but the leaves are opposite and in pairs, which is typical of mint. In the case of vegetables grown for their leaves, like spinach, lettuce, chard and beet greens, leafminers can mean the total loss of a crop. Overall Mintyness- 3. Each mint will have a description of the mint plant as well as scores on several properties of the mint. Donkey Kong on April 2012. It’s been growing like normal everyday mint until recently it started to grow sprouts with dark green leaves on red colored stems… I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s a specific kind of mint.  It spreads quite well.  The one I have is a cutting from a neighbor.  I was able to make 5 to 4 cuttings from a very small plant.  It has filled a 4” by 24” pot by the end of May with very small plants this spring.  Cutting it makes it seem to grow more. Other than that, mint plants have an extreme fragrance. Like 'Bowles,' however, apple mint leaves feature a hairy surface and striking apple scent, with a brighter green color.  Because of that I have bumped the appearance up to a 2. Click here for more information on flower bud vs. leaf bud in the garden. It does look exactly like my mint.It grows and spreads like crazy this time of year. Comments:  According to the tag only true Mojitos can be made with mojito mint.  It has very large very bright green textured leaves.  It is a very attractive mint.  Cuttings root in water very well but so far I have no visible runners.   It is a very mild, sweet mint with a bunch of citrus over tones and can be almost bitter in taste. It has no mint scent a strong cologne scent it is assertive and has striking red stemmed runners. Comments:  This mint is very nondescript.  The name comes from the idea that it is a mild mint to enhance deserts with  fruit  with a little mint, that isn’t over powering.   This might be true, but in all other regards this mint doesn’t have anything exciting enough about it to recommend it.  I want a mint that people smell or taste and say – wow!- or “my goodness”.  I want a pretty mint that adds texture, height, or color to the garden.  I want a mint that I can propagate or fill a container with. All Rights Reserved. Where is medineedcom what is medical tourism concept? Sweet Mint 2- From bonnie plants purchased at a home improvement store. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Comments: The color was unusually bright green and the leaves are fuzzy when it arrived. Comments: When I purchased this the picture had yellow centers to all the leaves.  I have yet to see that.  I was told the plant needed to “mature” so maybe I will see it in the fall when the leaves change, but some never have yellow.   It is very gingery, so that is a plus.  It is so gingery and not very minty that this plant has pest problems the neighbors that are more minty do not. Comments: The leaves are more rounded than most other mints and if in an area that gets almost too much afternoon sun it will blush a nice burgundy hue.  I can’t tell any citrusy hints in this mint at all, and when I asked a group of five during a mint tasting they couldn’t tell it was suppose to be Orange either. ... Ripping open a leaf will smell like opening a pack of gum. The flower buds and leaves are edible raw or cooked, and have a hot, spicy, mint-like flavor that makes a great spice or seasoning for meat. It will increase in size, though, making a bigger clump in the garden each season and sprouting from seeds that develop from inconspicuous flowers. If the police catch people supplying illegal drugs in a home, club, bar or hostel, they can potentially prosecute the landlord, club owner or any other person concerned in the management of the premises. I will include a link back to your blog and credit you. It’s best to grow mint in a pot as it can compete with neighbouring plants when planted in the ground. If it is not, then it is hard to guess if it isn’t a distinctive variety. Whilst mint will grow well in full sun, it does not like dry conditions. Do you have any idea what it might be? Mint may have a positive effect on allergies, the common cold, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and breastfeeding. My daughter travels around the world & reports back to me about the many varieties of my favorite plant. This article takes a closer look at eight science-based health benefits of mint. I just made the blog post for me, because I wanted to keep track and as my family has said about me in the past “She has so much she wants to say!” which couldn’t be more true. Just try to choose a spot where you will not mind the rampant growth or grow it in a confined space like … One of the handsomer mint leaves, variegated ginger mint foliage boasts yellowish gold or cream splashes on a medium green, medium-sized leaf. Chocolate Mint- From bonnie plants purchased at a home improvement store. Comments: This tastes like Andes after dinner mints, and has what I refer to as the “wow” factor that a lot of the mints lack. 1. I was searching the internet to find a place in the USA to buy red raripila mint and your blog popped up. That I don’t know. However, it is very useful as a flavorful culinary herb and the plants can certainly be grown without much care. 1 is no similarity at all, 5 is very similar, Assertiveness- 1 is very little runners and spread, 5 thrives and wants to be everywhere, Striking appearance- 1 is very common, 5 is interesting and unique, Sweet Mint 1- Started from seed, package just labeled as “mint”.  It has since lost all of its uniqueness. I L❤️VE YOUR BLOG!!! Fresh herbs like mint, basil, and tarragon have long been prized throughout the world for their curative properties (mint for indigestion, basil for kidney problems, and tarragon for snake bites). Thanks, What raw materials are reading glasses made from? Mint's strong flavor mixes well with very few other flavorings, but there are certain foods, particularly sweets and desserts, that it does complement nicely. Apple mint is more of a warm weather mint and does best in zone 5 and above. Our sweet mint is grown from cuttings of a variety that comes to us from Israel, where mint is used in many dishes, from lamb to yogurt sauce. Like any plant of the mint species, take caution as to where you plant it. It could be eau definitely cologne mint? It was just labeled as Mint…. 3. Short Term Mint Storage You can either store them with the jar method or the paper towel method. Have you heard of Snow Peppermint ? Comments: This is a very tall mint plant and the leaves smell just like spearmint gum- very sweet without any bitterness at all.  It spreads rapidly and the runners root well.  Overall, if you have to choose one mint for your garden for your culinary needs, I would choose this one. i saw a mint today thats exactly what you described its called blue something mint sorry I forgot the name. Iced Hazelnut Mint- a Jim Westerfield hybrid. 4.  Finally, it has some of the red and purple highlights that made it so attractive to purchase, but I had to wait until mid August. Thanks. I love lemon slices, cucumber slices & mint in my water. Leaves that are in stacks or piles will need to be stirred during the process, and some may finish drying out well before others. Mint plants have a growth pattern, which is similar to weed. I have a plant that was purchased from the supermarket. Low maintenance provides a perennial supply of fragrant leaves while only requiring basic maintenance. I would recommend calling an extension service in your area.  I do not think it smells like marshmallows. Growing the Chocolate Mint Plant. The damage is rarely severe enough to kill the plant unless there is a severe or repeated infestation that could stress the plant and weaken it, though it is certainly unsightly. Lemon balm does not spread by underground runners like mint. Invasive  Yes, it blooms in balls, but the mint flowers are not striking enough to make ball shaped blooms desirable enough to purchase from a far.  It has not sent out any visible runners.  Young leaves are very fuzzy, but they lose some of that as they grow. Fruit Sorbet Mint- a Jim Westerfield hybrid. Britney Mint Patty Mint- a Jim Westerfield hybrid. Can't tell if the stem is square, looks like it might be. Thank you. Comments: This is not to be confused with Lemon Balm- I did for a little while, since they are both in the same plant family.  The leaves are unremarkable and the flavor while lemony doesn’t seem to shock people.  Mint and lemon make a wonderful flavor combination so I can see a lot of culinary opportunities for this.  There are a few runners already this year, but it just seems like the normal mint level of assertiveness.   It makes a nice tea. To grow mint… Comments:  The leaves are very large and glossy with lots of red hues to them.  I can’t taste the lime in these until a little while later on my lips if I lick them.  However, I find the plant so appealing that I don’t care about the rest.  It has sent out some runners so it does have the growth that usual mints have.  They do not have a pest problem. It’s tolerant of sunny locations as long as it’s well watered and has good soil. How can you get pokemon to miagrate from other games to pokemon diamond? If it does not you probably have something else. I called the farmer who told me it is a type of mint, and that’s all the info I have. I have a mint collection too. Do you know of any place in the USA to purchase it? Cocktail Physiology. Comments: This mint doesn’t have anything obviously striking to recommend it.  Here is a comprehensive mint variety list, comparison and review of a great number of mint varieties. I will admit to not being a regular blogger. The plant is always a very green color with many leaves. Mint is my favorite plant because of: But what is overmuddled mint, what does it do to a cocktail, and what's the right way to muddle mint, or for that matter, any herb? Mint, left to its own devices, will spread quickly and become a nuisance. So I am humbled by the interest and comments. I am in love with my mint too . Harvest as and when you need to, allowing some stems to bear flowers for pollinators. Edit: Keep in mind that mint is a crazy weed and likes partial shade. If you crush the leaf it will have a strong mint smell. I put most of my energy into my FB group, Hello Thora, I bought a small plant that was tagged as sandalwood (not sure why I bought it since I’m not a fan of cologne type smells), when I got it home, and did my belated research, I found out that sandalwood was a tree and this was obviously a plant. Pineapple Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. I bought a mint plant (I was told). I am also not a mint “expert” but a passionate hobbyist. Wintergreen Mint- a Jim Westerfield hybrid. They grow into a bush-like structure. Lavender Mint (Mentha x piperita ‘Lavender’) – This plant has a red stem like the peppermint but has a distinct lavender scent. Chocolate Mint- From bonnie plants purchased at a home improvement store. When did Elizabeth Berkley get a gap between her front teeth? This one has extra large leaves that most cooks really like for chopping into sauces and drinks. Considered invasive and bad to have growing in your gardens, you can get rid of bindii by mowing the grass or using herbicide. Comments: I found this in an alley behind a middle eastern restaurant.  I don’t know if it was a volunteer from the middle eastern cooking or planted intentionally, but it had spread enough that no one was going to notice if I dug up a little and took it home.  I am only assuming it is curly mint based on the appearance and a nice Google search. Just don't place them in the same spot or potting soil because that increases the chances that the disease will spread to the replacement plants as well. How can I find out what type of mint it is. I love the way you rated the mints. Others brew it as a tea or mix it into foods. Variegated Ginger Mint. I was wondering if I wanted to plant a couple different varieties of mint how far apart would they have to be so the bees won’t cross the varieties? Is there such a mint and what’s its name. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. I actually drink more water that way….just wanted a more potent mint than what I’m currently growing. Similarity to name- 5. paste into address bar) Comments: The leaves are a very bright green and each one is textured so it is a nice addition to a garden.  It is a very bright flavored mint and nice to have around for basic cooking needs. 1. Learn more about Wild Mint uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Wild Mint A picture of a mint plant is at: (copy and It is best if the plant is marked when you buy it. I prefer to have a garden full of mint than weeds😁. Thank you so much for this information…I am looking for a “wow” mint. To keep it from taking up too much of your garden, cut the plant back to a few inches tall several times during the growing season. Mountain-mint is edible and used by herbalists for remedies. Overall Mintyness- 1 being no mint flavor, 5 being very minty, Similarity to name- (example: if it is orange mint, how orangey is it?) Berries and cream Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. Tashkent mint: Mentha spicata ‘Tashkent’ is a robust plant with a strong taste and heavily-textured leaves. Apple mint: Mentha suaveolens- apple mint has oval shaped leaves and mauve flowers that appear in summer. Some of my mints do have red colored stems. Orange mint- From bonnie plants purchased at a home improvement store. If you’re keen on trying this, always keep a check that mint plants do not take up the entire space and crowd out your weed plants. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Height- 3. Comments: This mint was  not breed for its flavor or aroma.  It was breed because the flowers do not bloom in a spike but in a ball.  I have finally seen it bloom. Mint can suffer from several plant diseases such as verticillium wilt, mint rust, mint anthracnose. Assertiveness- 4. Jeana a fellow mint lover/horder. Thank you. Curly Mint- Found growing wild in an alley. What should you call a female patterdale? Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. This means that there is not quite a universal look for basil or for mint, but they are still easy to identify based on other characteristics. We think you’ll like the rich spearmint flavor of this variety.   It is very minty without becoming bitter tasting as so many of the “citrus” ones tend to do. Good afternoon Thora, What Does Mint Rust Look Like? I am not sure if any mint repels mosquitoes- I wish there was! Sorry! Of course I would believe you more since you seems to have more experience with different kind of mints. Mint (Mentha spp.) If you’re caught driving under the influence, you may receive a heavy fine, driving ban, or prison sentence. Good Day, Flavor Comments: The leaves are nothing special, the mint flavor is very, very mild (I think the name berries and cream comes from the idea that it is a mild mint to enhance deserts with  berries with a little mint, that isn’t over powering).  This is the most aggressive mint I have ever seen.  I have a hard time keeping it in its half of the container.  Not only does it have runners but those runners root faster and sprout full sized plants faster than I have ever seen.  You want a ground cover mint- go with this one.  I mean it, I feel like I have to go at it with an ax to keep it where it should be.  And NEVER, EVER plant this in the ground, even in a pot in the ground if you don’t want it everywhere.  The runners run along the top of the soil so a pot won’t stop this bad boy. What Does Marijuana Look Like? Or, you may wonder whether what you discovered in your child's room is marijuana or indicates your child may be using marijuana.. My research is coming up empty at every turn. It contains teeny tiny sharp needle seeds and looks a bit like parsley. Lime Mint- Purchased from a local nursery, Gethsemane in Chicago, IL. Generally, mint can be planted in pots alongside any veggies that are affected by these pests, like peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, and other leafy greens. Mint leaves will dry more evenly if kept in a single layer since each leaf will receive the same amount of heat as the others. Love your blog. Read on to find out about the health benefits of mint. We’ve been looking for a mint that repels mosquitos. I have become a Mint connoisseur, which I enjoy growing. Scent Comments:  This tastes like Andes after dinner mints, and has what I refer to as the “wow” factor that a lot of the mints lack.  Orange mint- doesn’t taste like orange to me at all.   But chocolate mint you can’t mistake or miss what it is supposed to be but it is still defiantly a mint. Looks like a mint of some type. A: Although mint (Mentha spp.) Grapefruit Mint- From bonnie plants purchased at a home improvement store. Comments:  This is a “wow!” mint.  I think it smells and tastes like an iced minty coffee drink.  It is just amazing and it is my second favorite mint.  The leaves are a deep rich green with a little curl to them so they are very nice in appearance.  They are still minty but they have a coffee, hazel nutty tones that are front and center instead of an under tone.  I just can’t say enough about this mint.  I love it!  Unfortunately it has sent out only one runner, and that one has not sprouted yet, so it does not spread quickly.

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