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Foodstuff is something people will always buy, so it’s not the question of whether you should start an agricultural business but which business to choose. One of many should be Fish-farming here is how to go about it.


This involves writing down all feasibility study, documenting goals and objectives. doing proper market research to know what is obtainable. Take note of the following when making research on fish farming.

  • Executive Summary
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Products and Services
  • Location
  • Market Research and Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Projection
  • Size
  • Possible business expansion

Get Adequate Training

The most effective way to get the knowledge you need is to join an existing fish hatchery business as a trainee or manager. That way, you will see how this business works inside out and will be able to avoid a lot of mistakes that can potentially ruin your business.

Suitable Location

For a small fish farming startup, half of a land plot should be enough. As for the location, pick whatever option fits your budget and is not too far from your home, so that you don’t need to waste hours commuting there every day. remember water is important too! Fresh water is suitable but you can also dig a borehole.

Install The Pond

There are three major types of ponds; and they are, earthen pond, concrete pond, and plastic tank pond. You will need an overhead tank to supply water to the fish. Ensure you get experts to do help you with this.

Buy The Fish

First you will need to decide which breed you want. The two most popular options in Nigeria are catfish and tilapia – for everything else, you will need expensive specialized equipment. The catfish equally have other species so you might have to consult an expert to determine which one would thrive well in your environment.

Fingerlings are the baby fish you’ll need to start your farm and are also known as juveniles. The best practice if you’re just starting a fish farm in Nigeria is to buy juveniles. There are fish farmers that specialize in hatching fingerlings and selling juveniles.

Choose The Right Fish Food

There are three means of food for your fish:

  • Natural fish feed. This is found naturally in the pond. This includes; detritus, bacteria, plankton, worms, insects, snails, aquatic plants, and fish (yes, fish eat fish if they`re hungry).
  • Supplementary fish feed. This usually includes cheap materials locally available such as terrestrial plants, kitchen wastes, or agricultural by-products. The supplementary feed may be good, but they are not for the serious fish farmers (except if he includes the other types of feeds). Many people who are into fish farming in Nigeria are using supplementary feeds. some to their profit, others to their loss.
  • Complete feed. This is a carefully made fish feed. They`re usually of good ingredients and nutrients, made by the experts who understand the perfect formula for the fish at a different stage.

Market Your Business

Good news fish will always be needed this means the possibility of sales for you is endless. you can sell fish to markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, frozen food manufacturers, or even export your product overseas. However, the sensible thing here is to start on a local scale. Advertise online and make sure the quality of your product speaks for itself.