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How To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is the habit of delaying or Ignoring important task in  favor of one that is less important and enjoyable. Everyone fall victim of this one way or the other at some point. Most people mistake been lazy as procrastination which is not, we often procrastinate on tasks we find difficult, boring and stressful. so the question is why do we procrastinate and what can we do about it ?

Why do we procrastinate?

  • Lose focus : people tend to procrastinate when they lose focus on that important thing that is productive to them , they tend to divert attention and stay more attentive to unproductive things 
  • Time conscious: Not making use of time wisely is also an essential part that give birth to procrastination, when one set time for a particular project to be down and he/she is not time conscious , time will sip away without getting any job done.
  • Self esteem: one with low self esteem enjoy procrastination , because the fear of not doing it right runs through his/her mind whenever they are assign to perform a particular task . 

Danger of procrastination 

Procrastination leads to anxiety, poor performance, reduce well-being, delay personal growth , reduce self confidence, unhealthy effect on physical and mental health 

5 ways to overcome procrastination 

  • Start task bit by bit : working on task bit by bit prevent procrastination, rather than compelling all task to the last minute that will consume all energy and make you uncomfortable
  • Schedule yourself and stick to it : creating a schedule to make use of the time wisely to get the work done each day , it’s could be a calendar , journal or sticky note that will serve as a reminder . 
  • Avoid distractions: Avoid been distracted by things you enjoy doing like social media or TV for that period and focus more on getting the job done.
  • Seeking for assistance: Asking for help when you have difficulties in executing the task, helps overcome procrastination, rubbing minds together, sharing of ideas get the work done accurately without much stress.
  • Positive thinking: Having a positive thought increase self esteem , start telling yourself I can do it rather than I can’t do it , it’s keep you on track and prevent procrastination and also make the task enjoyable so you won’t loose interest and get distracted.

I hope this works for you to over come procrastination .