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WHO IS PARTNER i.e_A romantic partner for life. This is an opposite-sex, married or without marriage who i start a romantic relationship with and most likely a forever journey of love,vow and dedication.

It is a very delicate life_decision and you would want to be carefully choosing a life partner.

There are many factors/tips that one needs to consider when choosing a life partner, to begin with consider things that are pivotal to you.

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  1. Can you be yourself around them?
  2. Does communication flow freely?
  3. How different are you?
  4. What kind of attraction is felt between you both?
  5. How about the financial status and social standard?
  6. Are you expecting perfection?
  7. Level of respect.

Plump for your life partner wisely, right from your growing up years. You were told that having the right partner would be the key to all your happiness.

  1. i. You should be yourself when you are around this person who is likely to be or who already is your life partner.

How free are you to be the real you and not fake your behaviour? it is very important that you are always the best you when you are around this person we tell each other about ourselves often times but the real you could only be discovered over time no matter how much you try to keep it heeden it would come to surface certainly.

2.i. Communication is key for any successful marriage (or romantic partnership) you are to have a smooth and flowing communication at all times you have got to have a very constructive and uninterrupted communication skill between you both .

3.i. How different are you both as you know we all have our individual differences and not everyone is a perfect match so you want to ensure you can live with one another despite your individual differences,Tolerance for each other.

4.i. Attraction between you and your partner or partner to be (i.e CHEMISTRY).It is important that both of you are endlessly attracted,and drawn to each other and you see the beautiful side of each other and glow in each others arms.

5.i. The financial status and social standard of your partner or partner to be Your partner does not have to be a billionaire but then they should be capable to handle a few personal needs without seeking assistance that is having a sense of responsibility for little personal things.

6.i. Are you expecting a perfect partner? there is no such thing as a perfect partner you have to build and nurture your partner to fit your preference as wisdom quotes be what you expect of your partner so you put in the work to get your desired result and then you just might have a perfect partner.

7.i. The level of respect existing between you both this is a very important factor and its easy to achieve just respect your partner and see them do the same respect is reciprocal,Mutual respect helps a relationship sail through the ups and downs of marriage. You will stand up for each other, support each other, and be there for each other where there is respect between you both.


SAMUEL FAITHFUL. CEO_F.I.S, Digital engineer,Libarian_L.I.S Strategist.

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