How to get a car out of mud

  • Give your tyres some room to manoeuvre by moving your steering wheel back and forth.
  • Try not to spin the wheels – pull away in second gear for lower revs and better traction.
  • Try to keep moving to maintain momentum once you’ve got going, especially if you’re on a slope.
  • Drive slowly at first to shed the excess mud from your tyres, before safely driving back at a normal speed.
  • Stay out of ‘tramlines’ created by other vehicles if you can.

If you’re still stuck in the mud, try some of these handy hints.

  • Place cardboard in front of the wheels to help give your tyres extra grip – you can even use car mats for a similar effect.
  • Avoid sudden movements when towing – the person towing should ease away slowly to take up the slack before moving off.

Advice for a muddy festival

So, the festival is over. Voices may be hoarse, showers need to be had. Only you make it back to your car and it’s obvious you’re facing a sticky situation. How can you easily and speedily leave a festival when the ground’s muddy?

  • Accept that it’ll take a long time to get out of the car parks – up to several hours at some events.
  • If the car park is gridlocked by cars, be patient and switch off your engine when appropriate to save fuel.
  • Offer help to others who may need it.
  • Make sure your towing eye is accessible before trying to move off. This’ll save you time later if you need a tow out of the mud. It’s usually stored in the boot with the jack, and screws in by removing a small plastic cover in the bumper.
  • Change into clean shoes or wipe off the ones you’re wearing – muddy wellies can easily slip on the pedals.
  • Look out for people there to help. You’ll often find dedicated teams at big events, so you might be in luck with some professionals ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Once there’s some space cleared up, try out the advice listed above.

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