How To Block Your Bank Account In Case Of Emergency

If you worry your financial data may be compromised in another way, you can block your bank account by simply dialing a certain number on your mobile phone. Many Nigerians have lost all their life savings to fraudsters simply because they are unaware of the right step to take in order to block or close a bank account that may have been compromised. Read below to see how

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Some banks require you to call a number to block your activity, while others allow you to do it via a USSD code. Note that while you can block the account from your phone, you will need to pay a physical visit to the bank if you want to unlock it.

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For every bank, the USSD code or phone number is different. You can learn the necessary code by calling your phone’s customer service line or by checking the contacts section on their website. Here are some of the numbers you can use if you want to block your bank account:

  • For Zenith Bank – #966*911#
  • For Uba – *919*10#
  • For GTBank – *737*51*10#
  • For Fidelity bank – *770*911#
  • For Keystone bank – Call 23470020003000
  • For Sterling bank – Call 070078378464
  • For Stanbic bank – Dial *909# select my bank and select service request then select block card
  • For Ecobank – Text STOP ATM  with your Account Number to 0806326226.
  • For Fcmb – Call +2342798800
  • For Access bank – Call +23412802500
  • For First Bank – text “BLOCK” to 30012
  • For polaris bank – Call +2341270850
  • For Union Bank – text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123
  • For FCMB Bank – call + 2342798800
  • For Wema bank – call 08039003700

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