How To Become An Actor/Actress In Nigeria

Acting is a very beautiful line of work, especially since the world now cant get enough of Nollywood, what better time is there to get involved if you are living and come from Nigeria, and have an eye for acting, read this article to see what is required for you to become one of the big shoots on tv

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Self Confidence

Besides an acting talent and an ability to act naturally in front of the camera, you will also need to be able to work long hours, have enough self-confidence to not be intimidated by the directors or more famous actors, and get ready for possible rejections that are bound to happen.


Even with a talent there are professional terms you must learn and get use to, you can also check out YouTube tutorials, tips from established actors, or try to find a behind-the-scenes job on a movie set to understand the mechanics of shooting a film and what this process typically involves.

Get In It

You have to build your life around this now commit your totality to making sure it works out as planned, so you must first make sure you create a portfolio, tweak you social media contents with substantial clips which can be videos or pictures of you acting. arrange your self an agent this is not a must but wont it be easier that why you concentrate on been a better actor someone is out there scouting for you? looking out for roles that will match you and bring out the shine.

Advertise Yourself

It is easy to get called on for any thing you do with the Upload short videos or pictures in the services category and see the magic, want to have sleepless nights from call on offers? boost your ad.

Gone are the days when going viral was a big deal, welcome to the modern age where thing go viral in blinks, as i earlier said bombard your social media platforms with good contents that will keep people Hunger for more but never dissatisfied

Never Turn Down Roles

No matter how insignificant you think a role is never turn it down, only few exceptions are lucky to land on big roles from days of beginnings, majority of the successful ones today worked their way up, so buckle up the future is bright

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