How To Be A Part Of The #EndSARS Movement

Unlike Before, now is the time to stand together as one and to address the situation that has long held us by the neck. This movement against the common enemy-the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) affects every single Nigerian home and abroad, regardless of your tribe, religion and background.

Prior to this day, the endless attempts to reach out to the authorities about the painful brutality this formation of the Nigerian police has caused never made it to change! Nigerian Youths have once again come together to demand that their voices be heard as they have staged protests across the country. 

We also know that in time past after such protests, responses assuring the Nigerian people that this part of the police #Sars and police brutality would stop came from the leaders but never happened. Now is the time to stand and make a decision if you will allow history repeat it self. No doubt the egg cracker was the brutality of the police towards innocent citizens, which lead to many dead, but this time it does not end there. A country As big as Nigeria Deserves steady electricity, Good road, jobs, and good salary for these jobs that are created even that of the police force.

Here are some ways you can be a part of the #EndSARS movement:

1. Peaceful Protest

Currently at the time of this post there are numerous ongoing protests around the nation and even outside Nigeria, to get which one is closest to you just make a shout out on twitter and get a response on Where the next group is. you can join the #EndSARS movement and go around with the youths and people like you who are also tired of the police brutality and the critical stage of the country.

While in the protest be respectful to everyone around you and be your brothers keeper, alone we fall but together we can sweep this menace away from our precious nation.

Remember to go out loaded with food items and water, there are people helping out with feeding but you cant be too sure of that so go prepared

Have your phones fully charged and carry along power banks, if you want one delivered to you where ever you are in the country visit,

Let every moment count, chant, sing, and raise banners peacefully, without engaging in a physical way with police or government officers you meet.

2. Donate In Your Own Way

Protesters will need food, water, first aid and materials for the protest, Fortunately we have some good Nigerians and organizations already helping out in any way they can, if you know you can help as well please don’t waste anymore time someone needs you to do so.

3. Social Media Broadcast & Repost

There are Posts going around from live protesters help repost them from home if for some reason you can not make it to the scene, use all media channels at your disposal, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and any other way to share contents that are relevant to the movement so that even the older generation can be fully aware of what is going on

If you have a medium page or a website, here’s the time for those many opinion pieces which facts and figures on why the protests are happening and how Nigerians are being negatively affected by the actions of SARS.

Amplify. Amplify. Amplify.

We want the world to hear our voice!

In all you do, remember to stay safe and do your due diligence. Be careful and remember that there is strength in numbers. We’ve got this!


Please share this post to reach those who wants to join the movement but don’t know how.

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