Guide to manage your Fufatrade Vendor account

No doubt the maintenance that started some months ago on the has come back with good results. In the new Fufatrade mall, vendors both new and old might be still trying to get use to managing the Vendor account as it comes with whole different and better vendor dashboard. Here is the complete breakdown on how to manage your Vendor account on

INTRO: The new Fufatrade website features 3types of account:

  • Customer Account
  • Wholesaler Account
  • Vendor Account

This article is concentrating on the 3rd which is the Vendor account. To sell your products or services with Fufatrade, you must have a valid Vendor account it is free to register, note that if you already have an account as a user you can convert it to a vendor account all you have to do is to log into your user account and click switch to Vendor.(Your request will be reviewed by a Fufacare agent and approved if all is well)

Shipping & Delivery Rates

Delivery on fufatrade is easy but it’s taken seriously as a vendor when you get an order on the fufatrade mall you must make sure that product or item is ready for delivery within 24hours and then you will be contacted by fufacare administration on how to drop off the item at one of the fufacare centers in your country.

Managing The Vendor Account

Login as a vendor to see your dashboard as illustrated below then click the 3dotted line, top left:

Click the 3 dotted line top left

2. Click on settings

Above you have options to all the features that the new Fufatrade brings. each of them will be explained below:

Order: here is where you will be able to manage your orders, when customers orders one of your products

Admin Support: This is a way to reach out to the Fufatrade admin, when you need support for anything submit a query we don’t joke with our vendors so we respond rapidly to queries submitted from your account:

Products: here is where you can upload and manage your product. to add product click it and see how to upload below

Coupon: Here you can set promo codes #coupons where your customers can shop on your platform with the coupons created here and get a discounted price on products in your store.:

Reviews: On the Fufatrade mall customers who are registered can review items bought or if they had a bad experience with a vendor they can write about it to warn other people from buying. we make sure your reviews are visible to the public, so its advisable you have a good customer relationship when selling on Fufatrade. When an account is reported and it is harmful or dangerous plus goes against our terms & conditions that account will be banned.

Reports: This is where you see updates and reports on all items in your store, it includes the top selling products and you can compare with the market to know how you are doing:

Withdraw : When selling on the Fufatrade mall customers will always pay for product directly into the Fufatrade official account. this serves as an escrow system to make sure that the customer and the vendor gracefully carry out the process of exchange without having trust issues, when your items or a product from your store is paid for the amount after the Fufatrade commission is subtracted is displayed in your account and you can withdraw when its above 500 naira.

Followers: This is where you see your followers, Kindly note that your sales is important to us, so we have designed the platform in a way that when people follow you they get notified directly in their email whenever you upload a product on your store, this is vital so you can share you store link to your friends and customers and tell them to follow you to stay up to date on your product.


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