Fufatrade.ng: Team To Perform Complex Update On Platform

It is no New story that Fufatrade.ng Have always kept the interests of its customers as the basics for operation. In a tweet earlier today co-founder Samuel Future said The platform will experience a few changes in the coming week all in the best interest for everyone currently selling and making more money with Fufatrade. The Nigeria’s fastest Online Platform to sell and buy anything New or used. Read below to see more details and what to expect during this period on fufagist.com.

About The Update

The Fufatrade platform has been a source of living and hope for those who wanted to go into buying and selling items or services for the past 2years now and still growing strong accommodating more of them who cant afford to pay rents for physical shop. As well as helping those with physical shops sell even more than their physical location would give them. and now according to the co founder, there have been robust request to upgrade in other to be able to serve the high demands from its users,

The platform has experienced more traffic than it was initially created for and there is a need to add features that will make our customers more comfortable. In the future we will still grow as we are still in the early stage of creating more ideas, we are not there yet but we are moving and we appreciate everyone who is currently growing with us as an organization, according to its co-founder Samuel Faithful. He went further to state that it has also not been easy as there has been trying periods too for this organization but like every strong organization out there we expect more huddles because we are not going to stop growing and attending to our customers wants.

What To Expect

Well at the time of writing this article i have not been briefed on what we are to expect, apart from the fact that customers might experience issues with login until upgrade is over, but if i am right i will list out what i think might be affected positively and negatively with this procedure:

  • Better Customer Relationship: In the past there have been few issues with customer relationship and i expect that the upgrade will connect the platforms team to everyone or single person selling and buying on its platform this time after the upgrade.
  • Vendor experience: well the first thing we are to expect is that there will be a new vendor experience, since it is all about the users and their needs been met, so maybe we will be seeing better organized, platform for vendors, and a direct communication process to customer service
  • Delivery system: in the past we saw that the fufapickup was been introduced maybe this new platform will give a better integration of its delivery body to function properly
  • Mobile Experience: There has been alot of mobile user complexities in the past especially for the iphone users we are hoping they will correct and fix this this time.
  • Usage Issue: in the main time there might be issues with accounts since the upgrade is in progress but we are sure that after the upgrade it will all be resolved

What To Do

My advice is get your products warming up, there is a very good chance that there will be lots of giveaway and discount offers from the Fufatrade platform after this process. so you might what to position yourself to benefit from this. Don’t stop Using its sister platforms like Fufagist.com, follow its Instagram and Facebook group to stay in the loop.. @fufatradeafrica @fufagist.com

Thanks for reading my post my name is sophia, follow me for other updates on fufatrade