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Fufapay Account Functions

Fufapay.net accounts gives users the tool to accomplish almost any financial process. There are basically four (4) types of Fufapay accounts ;
Spot, Funding, Staking, Loan account

Spot [Crypto, Fiat]

This is your base account for virtual tokens, including Fufacoin (Fc), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, and fiat including Naira, Ghana cedis, CFA.

This account is also where all local and international money transfer takes place. E.g sending money abroad or to another fufapay card users .

Funding [Fufapay Credit Card, Savings Card]

P2P and such accounts are located in the Fufapay Funding account  to enhance user experience. If you have a P2P, Fufapay Credit Card, or Gift Card Wallet, your funds will be migrated to your Funding account.

This is the only account on Fufapay that can actually be used outside of Fufapay, like shopping on Fufatrade.ng, washing your cars at Fufacarwashbar.com and the rest Fufanetwork Ecosystem.

Please note that all the funds in your Funding Account are transferable. For example, your Funding account balance has 1,000 USDT and you purchased 100 USDT from P2P trading, your transferable amount will be 1,100 USDT.

Another thing to know is that if you want to use your Fufapay card you have to transfer your funds from your spot to your Funding account from your spot account.

[Instant loan, Easy loan ]

Fufapay offers different types of loan, you can look that up if that is your area of interest. The loan account is were your loan balance reflects, you can apply for loan or repay in this portal by using the available buttons *Repay* and *Apply for loan* your balance will automatically adjust according to your loan details . At the time of this post fufapay is still undergoing the beta mode

[Dailypay, Escrow]

The Staking account has two functions. For daily pay and for Escrow purposes

Daily pay : Fufapay offers dailypay services where users can make daily payments or contributions according to a selected plan of redeeming it in a certain time frame. It can be 1month or more so this is where you cam find your payments, upon redemption you can easily ask for withdrawal and the funds will be sent to your spot or Funding account depending on how you want to use it.
Escrow : so let’s say you made a request to transfer money abroad to a loved one on Fufapay

To give you a clearer view on the Fufapay account Functions, look at your SPOT ACCOUNT as your savings account, The FUNDING ACCOUNT as an account that you can spend with outside The Fufapay website and against P2P orders, the LOAN ACCOUNT as the balance for all matters thay concerns loan. The STAKING ACCOUNT