Fufa Network Launches Carwash And Lounge In Togo

It is no doubt that Fufa Network is relentless in keeping to the promises made around January about driving the platform forward and creating more jobs for West Africans. Read below to see current states in Africa where Fufa Network is currently Launching you might be lucky to earn your self a well paying job after reading this article.

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Fufa Network is legally registered with the Nigerian Government and its basic purpose is to serve About humanity and she is doing this by creating different platforms serving in various fields like Ecommerce, Transportation, Foods and more. The fast rising network is responsible for the well know FUFATRADE (A marketplace to buy and sell anything ) and FUFAGIST ( Leading Site in Africa teaching about culture and How to do.)

FufaCarwash And Lounge In Togo

As speculated by the Co-owner Samuel Future Chinedum sometime in Early 2021 He said On his twitter account that the Network was planning on Launching a fufacare station this is a carwash and lounge which will create jobs for citizens of Togo and at the same time serve as the Pickup and Drop off station for other Fufa Network products like Fufatrade and Fufapickup.

The car wash will feature the best prices in its locality. at the time of this post we have already gathered pictures but we are still working on updating our library which we will post here during the car wash inauguration this Friday march 6-9th 2021.

We are expecting That Ghana will Follow through after the station in Togo is opened. so if you are around Togo and looking forward to have a job in a carwash and lounge then you can call the customer care line 99702626.

A full article will be written in two days time with complete pictures and videos of the event on the Grand opening until then thanks for joining me. Don’t fail to subscribe