First Bitcoin ATM In Africa Has Been Opened In Ikorodu, Lagos ! See Details!

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The first-ever Bitcoin ATM in Africa was unveiled last week in the Aga area of Ikorodu, Lagos. The launch was attended by the most significant personalities in the Bitcoin, financial, and internet segments of the Nigerian business scene. The ATM is carried out in a solid black colour and doesn’t look too different from other ATMs you have encountered in the past.

The event was organized and led by Adekunle Daniel, the Chief Executive Officer of Block Stale, Nigeria’s leading blockchain company. Daniel, who is an Ikorodu native himself, could not contain his excitement over the launch and the advancement of the blockchain technology on the African continent. Adekunle Daniel and his colleagues witnessed a test run, which was performed by Gilead Okoronkwo, the Chairman of BeepMagnet, to show that the Bitcoin ATM is working perfectly.

Daniel said that he personally oversaw the design, manufacturing, and shipping of the Bitcoin ATM to Nigeria. He added that the ATM only included standard industry components and that any aspiring Nigerian businessman who wanted to launch their own Bitcoin ATM could easily do it even without deep knowledge of the block-chain industry and ATM technology

Adekunle Daniel also urged the Nigerian government to accept Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency as a legal tender in Nigeria. With Nigeria being only the 8th country in the world to have its own Bitcoin ATM, according to Daniel, we should be using cryptocurrency and block-chain technology more widely in every sector to speed up the digitization of finances in the country.