When February 14 rolls in all around us we find lovers and friends exchange letters, chocolates, jewellery and other gifts in tribute of Valentine.

And nowadays the practice, tradition etc. has become a season of Hallmark cards and romantic dinner ideas for two.

But truthfully the unrevealed facts of Valentine’s Day is deeply dark. Are you worried about the true dark secrete of this valentines day and its sweetened traditions? if yes you should take these facts importantly because it reveals a lot about the old-ways in the celebration of valentine day.

  • Conversation hearts.
  • Traditions around the world.
  • The first valentine’s day message ever sent.

Though many of us now use valentines day as an excuse to invoke both moral and immoral activities into our society today, all because the old-ways and traditions are unknown, lost and gone.

There was at least two men named valentine in that town that could’ve influenced the holiday and also was a certain priest in the third century Rome who was also named Valentine as his own story goes-on and-on amongst many was him joining couples illegally in the spirit of love until he was found and killed.

Please let me not bore you with so much history it is in our time today a moment of love so make family and people you love happy today .

The best things should be shared in valentine’s day celebration among families and loved ones.