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Sunglasses dates back to Chinese judges masters of the “poker face”  *13th century* While the judges were serving, they’d wear glasses made of smokey quartz to shield their eyes from view. So their emotions and expressions would not be seen during interogation.


In ancient Greece, women tied fabric around their chests tightly and secured the back with a pin. Roman women wore similar garments when they were playing sports to keep their breasts in place. 

In 1913, New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob patented her design for what we consider the modern bra, with cups that separate and support the breasts. The original bra was “two handkerchiefs joined by ribbon.” She was inspired to create this new article of clothing because she was frustrated with the plunging necklines of the trendy dresses at the time, which didn’t work out for her curvy figure.Apparently, many other women had the same issues Mary Phelps Jacob did. She opened a factory with another woman, which became the first bra manufacturer ever. Jacob eventually changed her name to Caresse Crosby 

High Heels

High heels where originally worn In the 10th century by persians men showcasing fashion. In the 17th century Royal men of court i europe wore them to show class & that they didnt have to walk too far or outdoor.

By the 17th century, women were wearing high-heeled shoes, too.

Panties Were Worn For Virtue Sake

In t8me pass there haben been different types of underwear. But the type we know started in the 1600s. It was not for comfort, women wore it to preventexposing their vagina when ever the fell from horses.

Panties were also worn by women to protect them from being assaulted.


Leggings were worn only by men in scotland during the 14th century. Women generally did not show their legs in public back then. If a woman wore leggings in 14th-century Europe, she’d probably cause some of her elders to faint with shock. Thankfully today, women can wear leggings whenever they please.

White Wedding Dress

In 1840 before instagram, Queen Victoria broke tradition when she married Prince Albert all dressed in white. In the past, British monarchs wore scarlet red ermine fur robes and trailing capes in their marriage ceremonies as a representation of England. 

The white wedding dress symbolized love, romance, and innocence. Soon after, it became a Western tradition for brides to wear white dresses on their wedding day. Americans quickly followed suit, which is just one of the many examples of England’s influence on the United States.


The oldest known set of trousers were excavated from the tombs of two nomads in Western China. Dating to between 3,300 and 3,000 years ago, the trousers are made of wool. So according to records the chinese where the first to wear trousers

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