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Customers Asked, We Listened- Samuel Future (Fufa CEO)

Fufatrade.ng now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies at checkout after ecommerce shoppers demanded more ways to pay.

customers asked to check out using their Bitcoin wallet or other cryptocurrencies. Now they can with BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider.

“We had responses coming into our customer service [department] and our customer feedback reports indicated shoppers wanted to pay with cryptocurrency,” says Samuel Future, president and chief operating officer of Fufatrade.ng, which is owned by Fufa Network,

BitPay charges retailers a 1% per transaction fee, which is cheaper than it would have been for Fufatrade.ng to build a cryptocurrency processer in-house, “That’s less than what we pay on credit card transactions as a company.

Now, when shoppers go to check out they will see a BitPay option offered. Shoppers click on BitPay, and then Fufatrade redirects them to a BitPay window where they complete the transaction. After shoppers hit submit, BitPay sends shoppers back to Fufatrade to hit confirm and purchase. This is similar to how shoppers check out using PayPal on Fufatrade. Fufatrade.ng also offers videos for shoppers interested in learning more about using BitPay on its site.

“As we work together to create a very conducive marketplace for buyers and sellers we are prepared to counter any issues or difficulties our decision might bring, it took weeks to finally agree and push forward with this as customer satisfaction is our no1 aim, customers asked and we listened. We have employed skillful individuals to monitor this closely and we are affirmative that we will not fail our customers” says Samuel Future.