Covid-19; Fruit Growers Mare’s nest.

The unbelievable magnitude that this dreadful virus has painted planet-earth with colors of fear,torture and sorrow etc.It has the general public boxxed-in the uncontrollable wide-spread resulting to a nation-wide lockdown now reveals both its recovery,safety of the affected public world-wide and also a global damage and collapse of the Farming industry in a direct look at the squall of the fruit growers.

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With the lockdown of schools,companies and several work places the fruit growers fear they would have to trow away their products as demand has oviously turned down the drain.

For some, the immediate solution was to hire workers without any experience.

“At the start of the week we took on 20 local people, pretty surprising that the virus is sending us people, who are in need, who were self-employed and have no money,” said Patrick Jouy, a strawberry grower in Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot near Toulouse, France.

Now its made worse with the unmistakable closures of borders and stopping seasonal labour from moving around Europe.

I am sure that we won’t find any Germans for the field work, cutting asparagus, for the minimum wage,” said Henning Hoffheinz, an asparagus farmer in Genthin.

Today the real fear is to have to throw strawberries away There are also fears about getting staff to pick the produce – confinement measures meant some couldn’t get to farms to work due to the lock down.

As we stay isolated and safe at home it may interest you to know that for every problem there comes a solution and together we would all over-come this hellish vile virus.

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