Business Ideas to Make Money During Christmas Season

Christmas is always the season where people spend with less care because it is a time that 90% of people in Nigeria are very happy and ready to catch fun, for the business mind there are good business ideas you can indulge in to get your self some loads of cash before the year is over.

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1. Design and sell Christmas cards

When Christmas is near, people buy and exchange Christmas greeting cards with their friends, relatives, and customers. This explains the reason why the demand for Christmas cards start booming wildly anytime from December 1st.

If you are a creative artist, you can design beautiful greeting cards and put them up for sale. You can design them either by hand or with a computer. Either ways, there’s a lot of money to be made. If you don’t have the required artistic creativity, you can buy greeting cards in wholesale quantities and sell them.

2. Sell goodies and sweets

Because almost everyone loves treats, you will be going in the right direction by making and selling sweet food products like cupcakes and cookies. If your treats are very good, you will get an amazing number of orders during Christmas. If you are not skilled enough to make these treats yourself, partner with someone who has the skills or buy from them in large quantities and sell to customers.

3. Pack and sell gift baskets

The good side of this business opportunity is that you don’t have to make the food to be placed in the baskets. Just visit a grocery or food store around you, buy various foods and fruits, and place them nicely in a basket. To make the baskets even more attractive, wrap them with beautiful Christmas-branded wrapping sheets. You can sell your gift baskets to office workers and other interested customers around you.

4. Sell Christmas souvenirs

Many people visit their home cities and towns to celebrate Christmas. Aside spending their money on food and fun activities, they also love to buy souvenir items that they can take back with them after the Christmas season.

5. Sell gift items

People exchange gifts during Christmas, and this explains why reasonably priced items like shirts, fancy jewelry, and other exchange gift items sell very well during Christmas period. To record even more sales, try to sell cheap products. You can sell these items in offices and bazaars. And you can offer to wrap the items for an extra fee. Most buyers would gladly accept this offer because it would spare them the hassles of doing it themselves.

6. Sell children’s toys

Children’s toys also sell very well during the Christmas season. In fact, they are most abundant in the market during this period. This business is very easy to put up because children’s toys are very cheap, and they are very profitable. If you have the creativity and know-how, you can make the toys yourself and put them up for sale.

7. Render food-catering services

Starting a food-catering business is another smart way to make huge profits during the Christmas season. The demand for catering services boom during this period because many people are too busy to prepare the delicacies they want. So, would rather pay to have their preferred foods cooked and served for them during Christmas.

8. Sell gift-wraps

As is the case with other festive seasons, people exchange gifts with their friend, relatives, colleagues, and customers during Christmas. And as one would expect, these gifts are wrapped in beautiful, Christmas-branded gift wraps. So, you can make a lot of money off of the Christmas season by selling gift-wraps, which people use to package their gifts before presenting them to others.

9. Organize musical shows

If you are a musician, or you have a band or dance group, you can make money during the Christmas season by organizing musical concerts or featuring as guest artistes at concerts. Even if you are not an artiste yourself, you can collaborate with famous artistes and organize a musical concert aimed at celebrating Christmas.

10. Sell your unused items

If you look around your home—your closet, garage, bookshelf, and everywhere else—chances are that you will find loads of items you no longer need, but are still in very good conditions.

Guess what? There are many people out there who need those items badly and are ready to buy them from you at mind-blowing costs. You might think those items are worthless and would sell for crumbs, but that’s because you no longer need them. Those who need them value them much more than you do.

Where to start selling

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