Best Game Apps for Smartphones

Browsing through your social media accounts is always a possibility but let’s face it, all that cyberstalking tends to get a bit much at times, plus these apps are more likely to drain your phone battery quicker. You can surely install some boredom-banishing apps to help you while away the time, while you get bored from the lockdown.

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Super Mario Run

If you have ever played Mario on a console or PC but have not thought about it for years, installing Super Mario Run on your phone will feel like a welcome return to your childhood. It’s the same thrilling adventures of Mario you know and love, but with far better graphics, more game modes, and a whole lot of surprises.


Using elementary math skills, you’ll have to swipe tiles until you reach the number 2048 without being eliminated from the game. It is really addictive and takes you back to those old school days.

Two Dots

The objective of the game is to connect dots of the same color, advance to next levels, and participate in regular activities from the game developers.


According to research, these are the most popular gaming sub-genre known to engage players and keep us coming back for more. Its game-show-like approach allows you to take multiple quizzes. It even lets you compete against other players and increases your vat of general knowledge too. Choose from over 100 topics, from history and economics to popular culture.

Cytus II

Well this one is available for iOS and Android for free. This game will satisfy you visually, but the best thing about it is the one-of-a-kind gameplay that requires you to replicate the rhythm from almost 100 songs.

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley is considered to be one of the most unusual and simultaneously addictive smartphone games of the past few years. This game has an instantly recognizable and highly satisfying design, but you will also enjoy the fun game mechanics.

Bubble Wrap

Ok, so we have to admit, it’s not the most useful of apps. But for those of you who happen to harbor that all too common obsession with popping bubble wrap, this one is for you. Once you getting popping, you won’t want to stop. A stress-reliever for sure


Stack is an incredibly popular game by a studio called Ketch app. This is a classic time-wasting and very addictive game, where the only thing you need to do is build a tower from blocks. In fact, when you are looking for smartphone games to kill boredom, you can try basically anything that Ketch-app has ever created.

Subway Surfers

The endless runner type of smartphone games is extremely popular with titles like Temple Run being often featured in smartphone game lists. Subway Surfers is the game that started the whole endless runner craze, so if you have never experienced it in all of its glory, now is a great time to give it a try.


Another instant hit from Ketchapp is Ballz, a game that is even more mindless than Stack but nearly as addictive. The objective here is to destroy different-coloured blocks with your collection of white balls, and while the premise may sound simple, you will definitely spend hours trying to beat it.

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