If ever there was a group of people who know how to do patriotic holidays with flair and style it is the military families. For them it is not just a national holidays — they consider it their holidays.

It is our nation’s birthday.

Here is a brake down of things that can keep your Independence Day celebration alive and remarkable.

  • Host your own red, white and blue decoration explosion. (Red&white wine.)
  • Watch an actual explosion.
  • Watch the fireworks on the National Mall.
  • Eat patriotic pie.
  • Grill something.
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  • Start a yearly Independence Day movie tradition.
  • Go to a parade.
  • Have a rainy day plan.

    Independence Day is an official holiday celebrated regardless of the various ways and dates that nations of the world chooses.

Have a cocktail, or several

You want to make it remarkable for your self and family.