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5 Ways You Can Celebrate Eid El Kabir

Eid-el-Kabir usually comes with lots of fun and food to eat, share, and celebrate with loved ones. it is also also known as the ram festival. this year comes with little problems since we are still facing restriction protocols,

But in this article here are ways you can still have fun amidst the restrictions

1. Cook And Eat Healthy

Normally there is always a tendency of getting carried away with the excess meat and fresh suya and more but don’t forget to add some nourishing meals to it, meals that will still give your body the required vitamins to function properly.

2. Games & Movies

Well we cant go out that’s a disadvantage, we are at home with our loved ones that is an advantage so lets concentrate on advantages and play games try out new games with your loved ones, if you can afford the PlayStation then that’s a good way to have fun. if you cant then you can play card, dice and many other games. on our mobile phones there are games you can download from the App or play store and play with your loved ones. Check games you can play here

3. Virtual Connect With Friends

Despite the social distance order there are applications that have helped loved ones and friends stay in touch.

Zoom and other application are good means to hold virtual meetings and parties with friends, so theres no excuse why the fun should not hold. yes this way you can also play games with friends.

4. Social Welfare

One of the most important thing about this celebration is placing the needs of others before your own. even with the distance observation and restriction you can still go about and visit places like orphanages, hospitals and more. give food, clothes and anything you think will put a smaile on somones face.

5. Visit Fufacarwash

Yes! where else can you have better fun than fufacarwash looking for a cool place to hang out while you observe the covid rule? then don’t look anywhere else call your friends and visit fufacarwash.

There are promo made specially for this occasion and i am very sure you don’t want to miss it. well not to say much i will leave the link to the Instagram page so that you can follow up on any latest. just click @fufacarwash