5 Ways To Tell Your Story To Creates Your Personal Brand.

Humans love storytelling. Stories connect us, show us the commonalities in our hopes and dreams, and bind us together across cultures and across centuries. They help us make sense of our world when our world doesn’t make sense. And storytelling isn’t limited to fiction and the great writers of the world. Each one of us has a story to tell. Your life is your story and your story is what creates your personal brand. Read below to see the 5ways to tell your story


Show Clients Your Human Side

You’re a real person (I hope). Be real. You have the same fears and concerns many of your clients do. Speak to those fears head on instead of ignoring them. When people experience a collective crisis, sharing our stories becomes more important, not less. In the moment we’re in right now, you have to be able to tell your story and tell it effectively if you want to continue connecting with and positively impacting the people you are selling a brand to. You are a source of confidence, but clients should also understand you’re not a marble statue. More often than not, they’ll appreciate those glances behind the curtain.

Get More Personal

You may even have clients who are small business owners or restaurant owners who need help—make sure they aren’t left off a list you circulate of those who need support. you will be able to monitor all registered customers activities on the fufatrade mall as a vendor, so sending email regularly appreciating customers every now and then will promote your brand 

Lead with Empathy

As you share and upload products you sell , you have to lead with empathy.Your story is intertwined with your clients’ stories. Once you decide to work together, the pieces of their life that you advise on are tied to the work that you do. 

So understand where your clients are at, and pivot your message and your content to speak into the situations they find themselves in right now.  when you post anything to sell theres always a box for you to explain what a product will do but make sure prior to this you have a one on one conversationg with your clients if this product is really relevant to them

Focus on the Positives

You can be positive while also being realistic. Don’t sugarcoat the product you sometimes have to deliver; positivity is more of a way to approach life than a band-aid you slap over the bad parts. 

and even if you get a bad review from a customer your mind must stay open to the popular quote: Customers are always right

Use More Video 

Video is the best way to connect with clients you can’t see in person. It gets your face in front of them and creates a way to create a dialogue even if a true dialogue where you’re actively speaking to each other in real-time isn’t possible. 

Your video must already be uploaded to a youtube Chanel. if you don’t have a channel you can as well chat an online rep to add it to you on fufatrade youtube channel and provide you with the link 

What matters is getting your face in front of people so you can create a digital client experience that’s as close to your traditional client experience as possible. And if your traditional client experience is already highly digital (as I believe it should be) then you’re ahead of the curve here. And with video, remember: Imperfection is okay. You’re looking for ways to authentically share yourself, not create a glossed-up version of your life.

Remember that imperfection is okay. but if you want returning customers? people must come to be glued to your life story and what you stand for. and when they are glued they grow with you and become the next part of your story

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