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4 Sex Positions to Heat Up Cold Nights

Before reading this ensure you are 18+

There are times when the night gets cold and you just need to get warm, amongst other things one of the natural way to heath up your body and bedroom is through sex with your spouse, see tips below


Rock the countertop

While you sit on a table facing your standing partner, let him hold you from behind, lean your body back comfortably. As he penetrates and starts thrusting, place your arms around over his shoulders. He can slide one hand to stimulate your clitoris too. Sitting allows the female partner to experience direct G-spot stimulation, and deep penetration is key for orgasm.

Missionary wrap-around

Lie back on the bed and have your partner position himself on top of you; your bodies should touch. As he thrusts entwine your legs around his lower body, which will encourage him to keep his body pressed tight to yours. pressing your bodies together can make it so your partner’s thrusts are longer, slower, and deeper With so much skin-on-ski contact, you’ll create much body heat.

69 under the covers

This traditionally is when you take off all your clothes even your undies and leave your body totally exposed and vulnerable under the blanket. Well when you and your partner stay this way under the blanket you can take your time and really enjoy each other’s bodies…and experience huge pleasure.

yab yum

This sex style is basically a seated hug. Along with direct eye contact, all of your body parts are connecting in just the right spots. Have your partner sit cross-legged on the floor. Climb into his lap, wrap your legs around his waist, and curl your arms around his back. In turn, he places his arms around your back. Consider using a pillow under your butt to align your pelvises