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How to grow firm And Fuller breasts naturally without surgery



A woman’s breasts will change throughout her lifetime. From breastfeeding and weight fluctuations that affect bra size to simply aging, Any kind of surgery or artificial treatments for increasing breast size can cause side effects. Therefore home remedies are the safest and the best if one wishes to increase their breast size. Some helpful home remedies are given below:

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  Massaging the breasts

massage oil every day after your shower can help to improve the tone and texture of the breast as well as add firmness. This therapeutic blend has been specifically formulated for the nourishment and health of your beautiful breasts. As you do your daily massage to get firm breasts be sure to do a breast exam as dense breast tissue can make it difficult to spot cancerous lumps. Part of keeping your breasts firm and healthy is properly examining your breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

Breast Exercise

Pectoral exercises are one of the best ways to improve breast firmness. The exercises can be done in your own home and you are probably already familiar with the most popular ones known as push-ups. Although they are not easy to do, doing them regularly will help strengthen your pectoral muscles beneath your breasts and will even help shape them by reducing excess fat around the chest. Keep in mind, however, that if you do push-ups regularly you may go down in bra size. Lifting weights and doing exercises with dumb bells such as arm curls, the dumb bell fly and chest press can also help improve your chest muscles for perkier and more beautiful breasts.

Breast Mask

One home remedy that is not well known is a breast mask made from egg yolk and ground cucumber. Butter can be added to the mixture to create a soothing paste. Once the ingredients are blended together, slather on your breasts and let the mask sit for approximately 20 minutes before washing it off. You can strengthen your breast tissue by doing this breast mask once a week.

 Ice Massaging

This is a chilly but effective way to help firm your breasts. You might want to consider doing ice massaging on a hot day as it can certainly be difficult to keep ice cubes on your breasts. For ice massaging, rub an ice cream in a circular motion around your breasts for approximately one minute. You don’t want to do it longer than that because the skin around your breasts can be very sensitive. Though temporary, this technique is effective because the cold temperatures help to naturally tighten and lift the breasts.

 Special Bras

While a sports bra is great to support your breasts during physical activity, you can also wear special bras that support your beautiful breasts and give the appearance of firmness. While lace bras are sexy and beautiful, they do not always provide the proper support, particularly for big breasts.  Special bras with supportive and deep cups can help lift your breasts up and keep them firm. Ensuring you have the correct bra size can make all the difference.


Having good posture can play a role in avoiding the appearance of sagging breasts. Heavy, dense breasts tend to pull us forward and exacerbate poor posture. In turn, poor posture can lead to muscle soreness and back pain. Big breasts and larger bra sizes typically show the signs of sagging before small breasts. Despite gravity working against you, do your best to stand and sit upright and keep your posture straight.

  •  Some Remedies Are Given Below:
    1. Massaging the breasts regularly helps in their growth and making them fuller.
    2. Olive oil should be applied on the breasts and massaged gently to see visible increase in the breasts size.
    3. Warm honey mixed with some olive oil should be put on the breasts as a successful remedy for breast enlargement.
    4. A mask can be prepared with onion juice, turmeric and honey. It can be massaged over the breasts once every day, so that the breasts can gain their fullness and enhance in size.
    5. It sounds weird, but very popular remedy to increase breast size using Vaseline
    6. Aloe Vera to increase breast size naturally
    7. An ancient remedy of the application of warm sesame oil over the breasts to increase them in size is also very effective.
    8. Wild yam in its powdered form can be mixed with the lotion and massaged on the breasts.
    9. Red lentils can be soaked in water overnight and then grinded to a paste. The paste can then be applied over the breast area and left for 30 minutes till it is dried. After it dries it can be washed with water completely.
    10. A tea can be made out of the roots of dandelion and consumed twice a day. This will also help in the proper development of busts.
  • 11. Breasts can also be massaged with the wheat germ oil which is rich in Vitamin E and also eliminates the risk of sagging breasts. It is regarded as one of the best methods for the enlargement of breasts.

    12. To enhance the breasts whole grains should be included in the diet. Cereals and whole grain breads should be consumed.
    13. To increase the growth rate of the breasts, almond oil should be applied over them and massaged daily for about 15 to 20 minutes. Visible increase in the bust size will be seen after 8 to 10 weeks of continuous application.
    14. Soybean seed oil is extracted and used for various purposes at homes. It can be massaged on the breasts to maintain their shape and also to make them bigger in size and to retain their firmness.
    15. Clove oil mixed with the ginger extracts can be applied daily over the breasts and then washed with water. This mixture is immensely useful in the breasts size enhancement.
  • 16. An oil made out of 8 drops of rose extracts, 6 drops of the orange blossom, 8 drops of germanium and 5 drops of ylang ylang, is effective as the individual properties of these substances contribute to the increase in breast size.

    17. 5 drops of fennel, 5 drops of germanium, 10 drops of lemon grass and 3 drops of clary sage are blended into a mixture and put on the breasts to increase their size.
    18. 10 drops of cypress is mixed with 2 drops of black pepper. To this mixture 10 drops of lemon grass and 8 drops of spearmint are added. This extract is then blended into an oil and massaged on the breasts daily for effective results.
    19. Evening primrose oil should also be used every day for massaging the breasts gently.
    20. Frankincense oil is applied on the breasts in a circular pattern to make them fuller and to improve their shape.
    21. Jasmine oil also shows quick results when applied on the breasts daily.
    22. Rosemary oil extracts mixed with about 10 to 15 drops of coconut oil should also be heated and applied on the breasts to increase them in size.


Fufatrade: Executives launch platform for Buying/Selling in African countries{}



If you have been wondering how you can enlarge your business territory, or fighting with the issues of getting the liberty to choose from varieties on items you want to buy, because it is been sold in another country then this article is for you,

Fufatrade has previously operated on as its online platform which has been enabling over 5000 people buy and sell from the comfort of their device from any location in and outside Nigeria to Nigerians.

on the 3rd of December 2019 in a program “All White Party” held in Togo Lome, The company executive owners Samuel Future Chinedum and Samuel Faithful, publicly announced Fufatrade was not just sponsoring programs in African countries but also expanding its territory and creating a bigger platform which will be launched in January 2019 has been created to connect the African buyers and sellers. this also means languages have been put into consideration customers can now chat or sell in language of choice, its African kick up point is Togo. the project will see to it that africans can Register for free post pictures of their items and services for free online and chat with customers within the African space

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Fufatrade now .NG



fufatrade the best online marketplace in Nigeria has changed its domain name from to

The platform earlier announced its intentions to make the website more user friendly in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Fufatrade for some time now also placed a maintenance banner on its mobile app as massive upgrade is been carried out to give its customers faster transaction processes

She has also announced that the fufatrade ios app will be available for iphone users before the end of 2019.

with all these adjustments to benefit its users she has made sure non of these process is affecting the day to day buying and selling from over 2 million users in Nigeria,Ghana etc as users can trade from their browser by visiting

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Remedies: How to get rid of pimples fast

Pimples are a common problem that people of all ages can face. A person should not pick at, squeeze, or otherwise “pop” a pimple. Doing so can spread the bacteria that cause acne, risking infection of the pimple, and acne scarring.
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Pimples are a common problem that people of all ages can face. A person should not pick at, squeeze, or otherwise “pop” a pimple. Doing so can spread the bacteria that cause acne, risking infection of the pimple, and acne scarring.

Treating Pimples On The Face

  • Wash the affected area with a gentle cleanser. Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply a spot treatment that can dry out the pimple. Examples of spot treatments include tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. Apply to the pimple and area around it, using clean hands, to target the pore and oil builtup underneath.
  • If a person does not have any spot treatments available, they can try home remedies instead. Examples of these include crushing an aspirin and mixing it into a paste with a small amount of water. Applying calamine lotion may also help to dry out the lesion.
  • Consider specialized spot treatments or masks that you apply directly to the pimple. Examples include clay masks for acne blemishes, or acne “dots.” Acne dots are patches that cover blemishes and contain drying solutions, such as tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

While a person is waiting for the pimple to go completely, they can apply a medicated concealer or cosmetic drying lotion. These contain ingredients, such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, to treat the blemish further while it heals.

Treating pimples on the body

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Pimples on the chest and back are highly treatable but may require a different approach than facial treatments, due to variations in the skin.

Some potential treatments include:

  • Using a body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide.  leave the body wash on the chest or back for 2–5 minutes before rinsing. If a person has sensitive skin, they can use a 5.3% benzoyl peroxide solution. Those with very oily skin may use as much as a 10% solution.
  • Applying a 0.1% adapalene gel to any skin lesion areas. A person can purchase this gel over the counter. If someone has difficulty reaching their back to apply the gel, they can buy a device to apply the medicine.
  • Changing clothing immediately after exercising to reduce sweat and oil buildup. If an individual cannot shower immediately after exercising, wiping the skin with a cleansing wipe or flannel can help.
  • Refraining from picking or scratching pimples. Picking at pimples can make them worse and increase the risk of more severe symptoms.
  • Using oil-free sunscreens when in the sun. Manufacturers sometimes label oil-free products as noncomedogenic. Using these can help prevent oil building up under the skin.
  • Always using oil- and fragrance-free lotions. Avoiding oils and fragrances on acne-prone areas of the body can reduce the likelihood for body acne breakouts.

As with pimples on the face, acne blemishes on the rest of the body can take time to fully clear. If a person does not see results in 6–8 weeks, they can consult a dermatologist.

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