Jesus Shoes worth N10m a pair sell out in minutes Read more:

A pair of sneakers worth N10,469,474 (KSh 3 million) has sold out in less than one hour after it was made available to purchase. The sneakers named Jesus Shoes, was officially launched on Tuesday, October 8, and they come with holy water in the sole.

Fufagist.com inquired that the holy water was fetched from the biblical River Jordan and the shoes were first blessed by a priest.

Dubbed Nike Air Max 97s trainers, the shoes came with crucifixes placed on top of the laces on the right side.

They also come with drops of red ink on the sneaker’s tongue which symbolises the blood of Christ. On the side of the shoe is a bible verse, Matthew 14:25, and it referenced the act of Jesus Christ walking on water Although, the sneakers carry the Nike name,

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Nike does not have any affiliation with the product. The sneakers were made by Brooklyn-based designers who go by the name MSCHF.

MSCHF promised to come up with new creations that would be released online every fourth Tuesday of the month. While some people expressed their surprise over the creation, others want to know the people who splashed N10,469,474 on a pair of shoes.

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